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Why Flexishare Is A Better Option to Pocket WiFi?

Flexishare: the tool you didn’t even know you needed!


We live in a world where technological advancements are becoming more and more outrageous in the most awesome way. From devices that unlock from simply looking at them through facial recognition to cars that drive themselves; what’s to stop you from being able to share data with a friend 5000 miles away from you?

Flexishare is a feature found in the Flexiroam X app, that allows users to send data to their friends and family all over the globe. The only catch is they have to have a Flexiroam chip/sim and be in one of the 160+ countries that Flexiroam covers! 

Gone are the days when you have to carry around pocket WiFi devices in order for you to gain internet access. Flexishare eliminates the hassle of having to carry around as a second pocket device to connect to the internet or incur roaming charges from your local carrier when traveling.

So what exactly is the distinction between pocket WiFi and Flexishare?

Battery Life & Mobility

Flexishare eliminates a number of displeasing issues that the Packet Wifi has. To begin with, let’s imagine you’re touring a beautiful city on your own using your pocket WiFi to navigate on your phone.

Everything is great but suddenly your WiFi device turns off due to low battery leaving you stranded. And to make things worse, most Pocket WiFi users recommend you don’t use the device while it’s charging because it overheats so now you have to wait for it to charge before you can continue your tour. What a bummer.  

With Flexishare, since you’re using the app from your phone, as long as your phone has power so does the Flexishare feature for both you and your sharing buddy.

In addition to this, since Flexishare isn’t a physical commodity the hassle of carrying around a second device to get Internet connection is abolished.  

Network & Connection Strength

Flexishare is the travel tool you and your family have been praying for. Gone are the days where you can’t scatter around public areas freely without losing your Pocket WiFi connection. With Flexishare it doesn’t matter if you’re 50 meters, 500 miles or 5000 miles away from your Flexishare buddy.

As long as you the sharing party retains a balance of 500MB they can send you data and connection will not disconnect or slow down. With the Pocket WiFi, you would experience speed reduction with the fluctuation in the network depending on where you are. In addition to this, similarly to Flexiroam X, Flexishare will be able to connect to multiple network operators.

Consumption Tracking

Unlike Pocket WiFi devices, Flexishare would allow you see to track exactly how much data you’ve consumed and how much data you have left before needed to reload. This eliminates the trouble of suddenly being cut off from the connection or surfing the internet but not knowing when or if you need to reload.

Expensive Roaming Charges

According to asiatravelbug.com, most pocket WiFi providers rent out high-speed unlimited Pocket WiFis within a similar price point of about USD 70 for 1 week or about USD10 per day. With Flexishare you can get global or local data plans that start to say low as $0.90!

For true and frequent travelers, Flexishare is the better option for them. From the convenience to the affordability, you really can’t find a better deal anywhere else. Happy traveling!!!

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