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FlexiShare – The International Data Sharing Tool


Sharing data and hot-spotting is an existing norm that’s been around for a good couple of years now. Whenever a friend is running low on data you can just send them a portion of your data (locally) or hotspot them given they are in a close radius with you.

But imagine a world where sharing your data with a friend or family member didn’t require you to hotspot them or be restricted to only being able to transfer data locally? What if I told you that you would send your friend in London data even though you’re in China? Would you believe me? Well, you should because it’s now a reality!

Flexishare is a data sharing feature brought to you by Flexiroam X app that allows you to transfer 100MB and above of your Roaming Data to friends and family all over the globe! That’s right. It doesn’t matter how many oceans or miles apart you are; Flexishare will make it happen. The first of its kind!  

All you have to do is have a Flexiroam account and buy a Local or Global data plan that offers the Flexishare.

Now obviously, in order for the other party to receive the data, they also need to have a Flexiroam account. But if they don’t, they can buy a starter pack on their own or you can buy a starter pack on their behalf and have it shipped to them within 5-7 working days. Once they’ve received the pack and activated their account you are free to start sharing your data with them.

Flexishare will change the way people connect globally forever. It’ll allow you to travel with your social media crazed teenage kids and not have to worry about getting a WiFi device that’ll accommodate their need to constantly post. All you need to do to keep them content is few clicks away.

There is no denying the fact that FlexiShare is one of if not the only feature of its kind in the data sharing industry. And the best part is the prices can be dirt cheap depending on the plan you choose to get. From and low as $0.90 you can enjoy the perks of this revolutionary feature of Flexiroam. There is nothing that compares or come close to FlexiShare right now so why not take advantage of this amazing feature?

No more worrying about getting local SIM cards for yourself and family or friends when traveling. No more hot-spotting a friend and being stuck next to each other in order to retain a strong connection. Say good riddance to forgetting your pocket WiFi device in your hotel room!

Not sure how much data you have left? No problem! Flexishare will tell you exactly how much you have used and have left. Sayonara to expensive roaming charges. Got a family member traveling alone in Europe? Send them a couple hundred MBs so you can stay connected with them. There’s no doubting or denying the advantage FlexiShare offers that you just won’t find anywhere else.

Join the beginning of the FlexiShare uprising by downloading the Flexiroam X app. Once you’ve created your account, purchase any Local or Global data plan that offers the Flexishare tool and enjoy its wonders! If you’re planning on sharing data but your friends and family aren’t Flexiroam users yet, no worries. You can also buy additional sim cards/microchips for them so they can also join in on the fun.

FlexiShare really is the data sharing feature you didn’t even know you needed. Enjoy it!


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