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Everyone Can Fly But Not Everyone Can Roam


“Roaming is not cheap and it can make your heart stop when you get a huge bill after a fabulous holiday. The bill shock has forced many to leave their phones at home or look for cheaper alternatives such as call-back cards to make phone calls while travelling.” – B.K. Sidhu

Let’s assume you are on a holiday with your family just across the border in Singapore. Forgetting that you are on international roaming, you picked up a call for less than less than 5 seconds, you will charged RM 3.00 if you are a Celcom customer, and RM 2.50 if you are a Maxis or Digi customer (as of September 2010).

Even if you press hang up or choose not to answer the call which sends the caller to your voice mail, you will still be charged. Isn’t that just day light robbery?

Over the years, mobile consumers have become more price sensitive with mobile services, they are aware of the operators that are giving the best deals for local calls, international calls(IDD), SMS and mobile data packages.

However, International roaming charges is still one big question mark to the mobile consumers. We know it is expensive to make calls while overseas, but did you know that picking up a roaming call is sometimes more expensive than making a call?

roaming charges

It is harder for us to estimate the cost of roaming overseas, because most mobile operators do not publish their rates for receiving roaming calls publicly because the charges changes from time to time, and it depends on their oversea partners.

Paying thousands on your phone bill but only hundreds on plane tickets simply doesn’t make sense. It is our goal to educate our readers by giving tips on how we can avoid expensive international roaming charges.

Other than turning off the phone to avoid roaming charges, there must be an affordable alternative to use international roaming while travelling.

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