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foodpanda – World Food Tour


Foodpanda is known to be the global online food delivery system. Recently, they decided to have a Food Tour Contest and we decided to hop along the tour. Foodpanda aims to celebrate the many different cuisines through their food delivery platform and in conjunction to that, they will feature 6 different countries on the World Food Tour Map; Italian, Mediterranean, Far East, Tex-Mex, Malaysian and Japanese.

For 65 days, Foodpanda users will be required to order their food from these 6 different featured countries; and each one unlocks the other as the contest goes by. So how can you be part of this awesome contest? Easy, just log into the contest website (https://worldfoodtour.my) and once you have logged in or signed up (if you’re a first time foodpanda user), you just have to order from the website. Each week will not only feature a different country, but to unlock the next country, one will have to order that’s week featured country first.

So it’s something like enjoying worldwide cuisine from the comfort of your home, you know.

Now there will be weekly prizes for all, but the grand prize is something even more awesome. How about you guys try guessing eh?


Can’t figure it out yet?


Well, grand prize winners will stand a chance to win a pair of return tickets to Japan!

Irasshai – it means welcome in Japanese (Give it a try when you get there =D).

Now, no worries about your roaming charges or buying a local sim card and what not. That’s why you have Flexiroam!

We will be sponsoring the grand prize winners 2x pax of Flexiroam X Starter Pack with an added extra 1GB of free data *woots woots* On top of that, we’re also giving away 500MB for new registrations; regardless if you’re participating in the World Food Tour contest or not.

Wow! So many give-a-ways! So, what y’all waiting for? Try all the awesome and delicious food from the comfort of your home now and stand a chance to win amazing prizes!

Psst! When you get to Japan, don’t forget to share a picture of yourself and pikachu using Flexiroam X! We’ll be waiting to hear from you!

For more information, please visit www.flexiroamx.com.