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Flexiroam to give away 10,000GB global data roaming for FREE!

In this fast changing world, travelling is very crucial to grow your business. However business travel can be really frustrating and nerve-racking especially for first timers like startups.

Business travellers nowadays rely more on their mobile devices, especially when it comes to contacting their business partners & clients, checking location on the maps, hailing a cab and the list goes on.

As a business traveller, how much do you value the communication with your business partners? How do you manage to communicate with your friends and family during your business trip?

According to recent studies 55% of business travellers have even felt the impact on their personal lives,  reducing efficiency in the process.


Losing internet connectivity while traveling could be really inconvenient and irritating. Some people would rather pay for crazy expensive roaming charges, others would rather experience the hassle of buying a handful of travel SIM cards. Some people would rely on hotel and accommodation WiFi connection and be completely lost while they are wandering around their location.

We understand your pain and struggle. In order to help you overcome all these inconveniences, Flexiroam is here to help you!

FLEXIROAM (ASX: FRX) is the leading global mobile virtual network operator offering an affordable alternative to current mobile roaming services. Our product, Flexiroam X is a ultra-thin microchip which gets attached to your SIM card providing affordable internet data packages for international travellers.


So, what are the benefits of using Flexiroam X?

  • Apply once and turn your ordinary SIM Card into a global SIM Card
  • No more hassle of purchasing & changing SIM cards every time you travel
  • Convenient, secure and easy
  • Immediate access to data globally without the need to change SIM cards

In short, you don’t have to change your SIM Card or subscribe to any local network provider when you are traveling with Flexiroam X! Just imagine that you are able to get the 4G internet while traveling across countries and continents? We want you to always be in touch with your business partners and we don’t want you to lose the communication with you friends and family.

Still not convinced? Fret not! Flexiroam is committed to give away 10,000GB of global data roaming for free!

All you need to do is just follow these 3 EASY STEPS to redeem it:

1. CLICK THIS URL: http://sites.flexiroam.com/biztravellers
2. Simply fill in your email address & contact details and pay for shipping.
3. You’ve successfully redeemed your 1GB global data! We will be shipping your package to your doorstep!

Don’t forget to share the link to your friends & colleagues so they can also experience using Flexiroam for FREE!



Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at biztravellers@flexiroam.com.

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