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eSIM functionality for Google Pixel 4 plus our predictions & confirmed details

We’re a month away from October, that’s when the Google Pixel 4 is set to release. Nothing is official, but it’s rather safe to assume it will support eSIM and regular SIM cards in dual standby mode much like the latest iPhone flagships.

A Google engineer loosely revealed that the incoming Pixel 4 will be a strong performer in terms of its dual SIM functionality. The previous Pixel 2 and 3 use Dual SIM Single Standby (DSSS) technology which enables both eSIM and a physical SIM card, but they can’t be used in tandem, which defeats the purpose much?

Google Pixel 4 will enable you to run both numbers simultaneously.

Dual-SIM functionality is an important aspect of many today, in particular, those who travel often. It keeps their regular SIM installed whilst connecting to a second local network when they are in a different country.

It’s uncertain exactly how the feature will work on the Pixel 4, but from leaks and the teas spilled, the 2019 flagship will offer the same SIM/eSIM configuration as the previous line-up of Pixels.

9to5Google and XDA Developers claim that the Pixel 4’s camera will parade an 8x zoom, an improved Night Sight features as well as a new model for shooting action shots called “Motion Mode”.


According to 9to5Google, the dual-cam setup will enhance fast-moving shots with a play on depth and field between your foreground and background, much like you’d experience when using a high-end DSLR camera.

More than a lit camera, we’ve heard claims that Google Assistant on the Pixel 4 will be able to be your call agent, handling calls for you while you’re on hold. All you need to do is tell your digital helper that you’re on hold and it’ll let you know when there’s an actual person back on the other end of the line. Digital butlers, cool.


Like the most recent Google Pixel 3A and Pixel 3A XL, Google Pixel 4 will have an XL as well. Both the Pixel 4 and 4 XL will be Google’s stellar showpieces rivaling both Apple and Samsung. What are the speculated features and upgrades, here are a few details we have confirmed and some guesses about the Pixel 4:

Confirmed: Face unlock and motion sensors


These features were confirmed by Google just this month, they released a blog post showing the Pixel 4 with a Soli radar chip. This chip holds sensing technology that uses miniature radars to detect touchless gestures and interactions. It will enable the face to unlock feature like Apple’s Face ID, which will even be secure enough to verify digital payments. 

Prediction: GOOGLE Pixel 4 will run on Android 10


Lining up to run Android’s latest OS, we certainly think and hope so, but it may be too soon to tell. Google OS’s name was alphabetical until this year when the upcoming update was known as Android Q for a short while. Now, we’re certain that the official name is Android 10 and hope to see new permission features, enhanced security, and even a system-wide dark mode much like Apple’s.

Prediction: GOOGLE Pixel 4 will have the Stadia platform


Google made known to the world its game-streaming platform ‘Stadia’ earlier this year. It promises to reach a plethora of devices, console, mobile, the works. This rumored feature could possibly improve network performance to curb latency issues. The world is that ‘Stadia’ will be available solely on the Pixel line. We shall see.

Confirmed: GOOGLE Pixel 4 will have a square camera setup


A tweet highlighting boxy-shaped rear cameras was released in June by the company themselves. The picture depicts it in a square housing that has the cameras cased up. It further enticed us with the line “Wait ‘til what you see what it can do.”

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