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Guide to Flexiroam Local Data Plans

What is Flexiroam?

01Flexiroam X is a 0.08mm thin microchip that is attached to your existing SIM card. It enables you to access our low cost data roaming whilst overseas and connects you to the strongest local networks, so that you can enjoy high-speed internet connections.

It is an easy one-time application to overcome the hassle of switching SIM cards every time you travel.

With Flexiroam X, you don’t have to purchase a new SIM card whenever you arrive at a new country. Just leave your original SIM card and enjoy our data roaming services easily! The Flexiroam X microchip is intended for a lifetime usage.

The Data Plans We Offer

Flexiroam offers two main types of data plans: Local Data and Global Data.
So what exactly is the difference between these two? Don’t worry, this guide shall explain to you in detail how our data plans work – and how to choose the most suitable plan for your travels so that you can save more money on data.

So first of all, the main difference between the two plans is this:

Local Data enables you to use data roaming in a specific country of your choice.


Global Data lets you use data roaming worldwide (in any of the 130+ countries we cover).
03As Local Data is not worldwide, the data plan prices will be cheaper than Global Data. Currently, Flexiroam proudly provides a selection of designated Local Data plans in over 50+ countries. We are also actively expanding our range of coverage to cover even more countries in the future. 

Local Data

Global Data

Data covers a certain country/region of choice. Cannot be used inter-country unless the countries are stated in the data plan purchased (e.g. Europe) Data covers all 130+ countries covered by Flexiroam
Available for over 55 countries Available for over 130 countries
Offers smaller data plans of 100MB, 300MB, 400MB, 1GB, and other variations. Duration available is shorter compared to Global Data, ranging from one day to one month. Offers larger data plans of 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, and other variations. Duration available is longer, ranging from 90 days to a year.
Cannot use Flexiroam X call feature Can use Flexiroam X call feature to make calls
Can choose the date of travel. Data validity will begin on the chosen date at 00:00 local time. Data validity will start once the data plan is purchased and activated.


How our Local Data Works?


Since our Local Plan is intended for single regional use, we recommend it to travellers who are planning to travel to a single location, or people who frequently visit a specific country. To see if Flexiroam X covers your destination, feel free to check on our Flexiroam official site or search it on the Flexiroam App under “Coverage”.

Apart from a single country, our Local Plan also includes regional data plans. For now, Flexiroam’s regional Local Data includes Europe (31 countries) and JaKoTa Triangle (Japan, South Korea, Taiwan). You will then be able to use your data across these countries!

Price & Validity

To check the prices and validity of our local data plans, we recommend that you download our Flexiroam X app for more details. You can get it on the App Store or Google Play.

Once you have the Flexiroam X app, you can browse our local plans by going to Home > Get Data Plan > Buy Now > Local. Just search for your destination, and set your intended arrival date. The prices and validity will be displayed on the page.

You can also check the local data prices for 55 countries here: https://www.flexiroam.com/pricing


Flexiroam rewards you for planning your trips early! You can get 25% off for any local plans purchased in advance.

For plans that are purchased one month ahead, customers will even get 50% off the original price! That’s right, half price.

The discounts will automatically be displayed on the app. The earlier you purchase, the cheaper the price you get. So be sure to plan your trip early!

Arrival Date

When buying Local Data Plans, you can choose the arrival date of your travel destination. The validity of your purchased data plan will begin at 00:00 local time. For example, if you purchase a Europe plan for 9 November, your validity will start on 9 November at 12:00am (GMT +1:00) according to the Europe timezone.

How do I start using the Local Data?

Once you have purchased your Local Data, you can just activate it normally when you arrive at your destination. For new users who are unsure how to switch to our Flexiroam X network, do check out our tutorial on setup on the Flexiroam app: Home > How to Use? > Step by Step Guide.

If you’re still confused, you can always contact our support team – we’re always excited to guide you through the process.

Common FAQs

What if I have both local and global data plans?

Flexiroam X allows you to have multiple data plans at once. You can manage your purchased data plans in the app. To switch from an active global data plan to a local data plan, go to Home > View my Plans.

Will my unused data expire?

Once your validity finished, your unused data will expire. However, if you top up before your expiry date, all your unused data from your previous plan will be carried forward to your new data plan and it will be available for use until the latest expiry date.

I purchased a Local Data Plan but I want Global Data. Can I switch my local data plan to global?

Unfortunately, you cannot switch your local data to global data. We advise users to always confirm their travel destinations before they travel to ensure a smooth and pleasant experience.

Will there be any data throttling (intentional slowing down of data speed)?

No, Flexiroam will not perform any data throttling regardless of how many data is used. Flexiroam always connects you to the strongest partnered network in the country to ensure that users can enjoy data roaming at the fastest speed possible.

How do I contact support?

You can either contact support through our app (Account > Support)
Email support@flexiroam.com
Whatsapp +6019 291 2692

Travelling to Russia soon? Flexiroam has the perfect deal for you!

Starting from 10 June till 15 July, Flexiroam will be giving away a 15% discount for Russia Local Data Plans. Yes, 15% off for all Russia Local Plans! Promotion available in-app only. Just use the promo code LETO18 when checking out in the Flexiroam X mobile app and you’ll get your discount! Happy travelling!

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