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FLEXIROAM X is a service that allows you to do data roaming in more than 150 countries and with more than 580 network operators across the world.

1. How do you use it?


Flexiroam X is a thin microchip (0.08mm) that is attached to your existing SIM card and enables you to access Flexiroam’s low cost data roaming whilst overseas, connecting you to the local networks at your destination.

It is an easy one-time application to overcome the hassle of switching SIMs every time you travel.

2. How does it work?


Once the microchip is attached to the SIM card and inserted back into the phone, you need to download the App from the Google Play Store if you are an android user, or from the Apple App Store.

Register and follow the step in the User manual to activate your microchip and connect to the service provider of your choice

Download the user guide here

Find out how to choose or change the service provider in the country you’re going to.

3. Who should use it

FLEXIROAM is ideal if you :

Need to stay connected while travelling overseas

Wish to save on your mobile roaming bill

if you don’t want to change your number

4. What is it useful for?

  • Instant messages with WhatsApp, and other social messaging apps
  • Use for social media where you can upload images and keep updating friends and family
  • Take care of your emails while on the go
  • Internet voice calls via Skype and other apps
  • Map navigation and GPS services
  • Book for your Grab or Uber
  • Take care of your hotel booking matters
  • many other things you can do at a flat rate

Learn more about the service and the packages here.

Check out our FAQs for more details

Check out our the user tutorials 

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