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How NOT To Miss Your Holiday Plans In Bad Weather

The holiday season is coming and weather is going to change many things along the way, including your holiday plans.


As winter approaches in the northern hemisphere, things might not go as you hope they would. Sometimes there will be too much snow in some places, which could ruin your travel plans. Or there might not be enough snow to enjoy that amazing ski experience you always wanted to have.

REMEMBER, even with great planning, your trips can still go south. But a good plan will still improve your chances to get to your destination and do what we really plan to do.

Weather Can Really Hit Hard


In past years and recent months, storms ravished the travel industry, delayed flights, caused massive destruction and cost hundreds of millions of dollars in losses of revenue, and most importantly numerous lost of life and property.

Just in the past 2 months, the Northern-Western Hemisphere was hit buy some of the worst storms in a long time:

In 2010, a sever snow storm in the US caused the cancellation of thousands of flights. All of this happened in only one part of the planet. This happens more all over the world.

No-one can control the weather – at least for now, but there are ways to actually prepare for a scenario where your travel might be affected.

Jacob Passy, a finance reporter with MarketWatch.com, put out an interesting list of tips to help travelers during severe weather conditions like snowstorms and hurricanes.

This is going to be more like a Simon Says game – But we will say Jacob Says.

Here is some of the items on Jacob’s list:

1. Jacob Says: Check Your Flight Route


What does this mean?

If you are going to fly with an airline that doesn’t have frequent flights to your wanted destinations, you are at a higher risk of getting a cancelled flight if the weather conditions are sever. So select a carrier that has daily flights to where you want to go. It would be even better to book with carriers that have multiple flights daily to that destination, if that is possible.

2. Jacob Says: Check For Alternative Airports


Say you want to go to an island off the cost of Malaysia or the Philippines. Let’s be more specific:

If you are traveling by plane to Redang Island, off the coast of Terengganu, you can take a direct flight from Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 or the Subang Airport.

But if the weather on the island is severe – especially in the Monsoon season, you don’t have to miss your flight or go miss your entire trip.

You can get to Redang Island via Kuala Terengganu’s Sultan Mahmud Airport, or go to a closest city and take a ride to your destination.

3. Jacob Says: Book An Early Flight


During seasonal traffic or weather, book a flight that has an earlier date than the actual occasion. Take a day or two off work and go to your destination early.

If a flight got canceled, you will have more time to catch up and go on an alternative travel options.

4. Jacob Says: Think Twice About Flying To Or From Small Airports


Smaller airports might be affected in a big way if the weather kicks off, whether it is snow, or heavy rain, or strong winds, etc.

Delays will happen more often with smaller airports, and even more so for cancellation if the weather doesn’t get better.

5. Jacob Says: Stay Connected With The Airlines


Download the app of your carrier, follow their updates, check their announcements on social media, and keep an eye on your legal rights as a consumer.

If a flight got canceled, you will have the right knowledge to ensure you’re covered. How to get a refund, are there replacement flights, who to contact in such cases, and other things.

6. Jacob Says: Consider Travel Insurance


Every airline company or a travel company might have different policies regarding travel insurance. Learn more about how to protect yourself, what are the entitlements you can get from such services, who provides insurance and how much does it cost. Also, consider learning more about the terms and conditions of the insurer.

Let us know in the comment section below: Which of these tips have you followed? Did it work? 

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