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How to buy the New Flexiroam X through the App

So you want to become a Flexiroamer? Wise choice, my friend, wise choice indeed. Flexiroam is the best way for you to use stay connected while travelling overseas.

With our latest Flexiroam X, you will no longer have to lose precious time buying and switching multiple SIM cards in other countries. After a one-time application & one-time setup, you can enjoy high-speed data roaming across 130+ countries with the lowest rates possible!

“Wait, but I’m new! How do I start buying Flexiroam X data plans?”

Don’t worry, we’ll guide you through your first time gently. Here’s a simple manual for you!

Before we start, you should already have these two items set up in your phone:

Flexiroam X Microchip (PURCHASE here: Shop)  
Flexiroam X Mobile App (Click to DOWNLOAD here: AndroidiOS)

If you do not have the microchip yet, you can order a Starter Pack through the app or the Flexiroam online shop. The microchip is included for free in all Starter Packs. You can then follow the instructions here for first-time setup. Our mobile app is also available on the App Store and Google Play. All purchases and transactions will be conducted through the Flexiroam X app, so be sure to download it and register an account!

Browsing through Data Plans

Now you have activated your microchip, you can start purchasing your first data plan! To check out our data plans, open the Flexiroam X app and go to ‘Home’ > ‘Get Data Plan’. You will then be able to look through all our offered data plans.


Our Local Data Plans allows data roaming access in specific regions, whereas Global Data Plans enables you to use our networks worldwide (in countries that are covered by Flexiroam – check ‘Coverage’ to see if your destination is covered). ‘Promo’ displays all latest promotions, which are usually only available for a limited period of time. Be sure to check ‘Promo’ whenever you want to buy new plans!


Here’s a tip: When making your decision, remember to check your Travel Destination and Duration so that you can choose the most suitable data plan for you. Global Data usually offers longer validity while Local Data has shorter validity.

Making a Purchase

After making your decision, you can select your desired data plan. You will be redirected to ‘Order Summary’ in order to confirm your purchase. Promo Codes/Gift Cards can be applied here. The discounts will be automatically subtracted from your total sum.


Checking for available Promo Codes

Flexiroam always rewards our clients with many, many promotions so you can save more while travelling! If you’re not sure what ongoing promotions are available, you can always go over our list of promotions in the ‘Notifications’ Tab (It’s the bell icon on the top-right corner of the Homepage).


After that, you can copy the Promo Code that best applies to your purchase and use it when you check out. Tip: Always be sure to enter your discount code BEFORE making your purchase!

Confirming your payment

Flexiroam accepts both credit or debit card as payment. After proceeding with your order, you will be prompted to enter your card information. Fill in your details accordingly. You have now completed your purchase! You can also save your card in the app to make future transactions even faster and more convenient.


Checking Data Balance & Managing Active Plans

You can keep track of your data balance through the app (displayed on the homepage)! As Flexiroam allows you to have multiple data plans at once, you can manage and track your purchased data plans in ‘View my plans’.

Now that you’re all set for travel, you can enjoy data roaming freely in your travel destination. If you’re not sure how to switch to the Flexiroam X network upon arrival, do check our ‘Step by Step Guide’ for help! If you’re still confused, you can always contact our support team (Account > Support) – we’re always excited to guide you through the process

For questions and inquires don’t hesitate to contact our support line thru WhatsApp +60192912692
Also you can reach us to our official social media channels.

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