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How to count FlexiRoam RM10/day cut off time?

Quite a number of customers have been asking us these questions, so we thought we’d answer them here:

  1. How do you calculate RM10 per day?
  2. Does my RM10 per day start the moment I depart or the moment I arrive overseas?
  3. Will the RM10 per day charge start upon activation “START” and only end after 24 hours of activation?
  4. Do you start calculating on the first call I receive or make?

In actual fact, when you send an SMS “START” to us, we would have allocated a Flexi Number to you.

This is the unique number you divert to when you do “Activate Call Forwarding” before you leave Malaysia.

Therefore, on the day when you SMS Start, RM10 will be deducted from your account. This is also stated in the userguide and FAQ.

Flexi Number

Check the userguide for more instructions on how to activate FlexiRoam

Our billing cycle is 12am GMT+8 everyday. Which means, if you have started FlexiRoam on 11pm, RM 10 is deducted from your account. Then, 1 hour later, which is the next day, FlexiRoam will deduct another RM 10 from your account. I know some customers might feel that it is a waste for they did not make and receive any calls through FlexiRoam for that 1 hour (11pm to 11:59pm). Let us explain.

After you’ve forwarded your calls to FlexiRoam, turned off your phone and boarded the plane at 11pm, we will collect all the missed calls during your flight.  An SMS notification containing your missed calls will be sent to you when you arrive and done the second step “ROAM”, so that you can return your calls.

We encourage all customers to make sure FlexiRoam is properly setup 3 hours before they fly. As some customers may find technical difficulties or challenges, so at least there would be enough time to assist you. (Please note that our customer support hours are 9am – 6pm, monday – friday)

If you feel that you flight departure is too close to the billing cycle cut off time, you have the choice to activate FlexiRoam after you’ve reached overseas. (Click here to see how) But, we advise against this as you may not be able to activate call forwarding to FlexiRoam overseas, which means you may end up not being able to use FlexiRoam at all!

We also recommend customers who want to activate FlexiRoam while they are overseas to ensure they have call forwarding service & international roaming service enabled by their mobile operator BEFORE they travel.  If not, you will not be able to SMS “START” command to us and also perform the call divert functions.

We welcome ideas and feedback to ensure that we can operate efficiently and serve you better, do email us at support@flexiroam.com, tweet us (@flexiroam) or even message us in our facebook page!