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How to navigate your way around FLEXIROAM X App


Let’s take a moment to go to your phone’s menu and look at all the applications that you’ve downloaded in the past months or years. 

Did you see FLEXIROAM X App? If yes, congratulations! You’re on a right track. For those of you who haven’t downloaded our app, it’s available on iOS and Android

Okay, now we click on the app and let’s navigate our ways around FLEXIROAM X App!

FLEXIROAM X App at a glance

Welcome to our remarkable app, FLEXIROAM X App! Once you click on the icon, you’ll be directed to our Home Page. But there are several pages in the app that will be very helpful for you later on. 

Home Page

The home page contains all the things you need to know about FLEXIROAM X and our products. We have your plans and balance, Plan Recommender, Get Data Plans, Add Wallet Credits, Get Starter Packs, How to Use, Referral Program. 

With just a scroll, you’ll be able to fully experience FLEXIROAM X App and utilize it however you want. 


Moving on to the next page, you will see all the countries that FLEXIROAM covers! From A-Z, we have over 150 countries for you to be connected in. 

Aside from how wide our coverage is, if you click on a country, you’ll be able to see the networks, as well as the travel recommendations brought to you by TripAdvisor. 


Our third page is pretty simple. It’s the status of your connectivity. Are you connected or are you not connected to FLEXIROAM? You’ll be able to find your answer here! 

If you’re connected to a network provider, you’ll be able to see which provider you’re connected to. Guide, Help, and Live Chat can also be found on this page.

Not only that, for Android users with Microchip, you can switch your cellular network as fast as clicking the button right there!


For those who have Global Data Plans, you are entitled to this feature! This page shows a unique dialpad. You’ll have your normal dialpad with an addition of all the countries that you can call. If you’re currently out of the country and missing your family, you can definitely call them from here!

There is no extra charge, but your data will be deducted. The rate is lower than the market as it is only 10MB per minute. Say goodbye to roaming charges and use our Call Feature!


Last but not least, the fifth main page in FLEXIROAM X App, Account. On this page, you will be able to see your Account Details, Active/Upcoming or Past Plans, and your Transactions. Not only that, you can also change the App default language, contact support, learn more about us, and log out.

Now that you are familiar with our main pages, let’s see how the App works! From purchasing data plans to contacting our support team!

Get Starter Packs

For all the newbies, this is where you want to start. First, you need to purchase your Starter Pack. Starter Pack consists of our products, such as X eSIM, X SIM, X Microchip, and Family Bundle 5 X SIMs. These products are available in different prices, yet still below the average market price. 

Why? We strive to make you as comfortable as possible. 

Depending on your devices, you can get our eSIM, SIM Card or Microchip. You can find this feature in our Home Page. 

How to get starter packs:

1. Click on the starter pack you want to purchase

2. Enter quantity (if needed)

3. Select Shipping

4. Confirm order and pay

Get Data Plans

FLEXIROAM has 2 types of plans for you – Local Data Plan and Global Data Plan. What exactly are the differences between these two plans? 

Local Data Plan Global Data Plan
Valid in only one country or region for each plan Valid in all 150+ covered countries
Shorter data period (range from 3 to 30 days)  Longer data period (varies from 5 to 360 days)
Plan starting date depends on the chosen date Plan starting date starts automatically after purchase
Best for short trips  Best for frequent travellers with multiple destinations
Can be used at your home to do your
#StayAtHome activities!
Can be used at your home to do your
#StayAtHome activities!

By now, you should know where to purchase the data plans – the Home Page. 

How to purchase data plans

1. Choose local or global data plans

2. For Local: Choose countries and the data you want to purchase

    For Global: Choose the validity or data option you want to purchase

3. Proceed with payment


Everything is shifting into electronic platforms and we can’t be excluded! We have our own FLEXIROAM E-Wallet to make your life 100% easier. We have a variety of top up amounts depending on your needs. Starting from $1 to $75, we pretty much have everything you want and need. 

How to top up E-Wallet

1. Go to wallet page

2. Click on the amount you want

3. Proceed with payment


Have you ever found a telecommunication network provider who offers a data sharing system with no additional charges? Yes, it’s FLEXIROAM! Whether you’re 5 or 10.000 kilometers away from your friends or family, you can share your data from your current ongoing plan. 

How to share your data with FlexiShare

1. Go to your current plan

2. Click on FlexiShare icon

3. Select the amount to share

4. Share by Scan QR Code or Account ID

Refer Friends and get free data

Do you have a lot of friends and want to get more data on your hands? Simple! Just refer your friends to sign up with FLEXIROAM and use our services! After each successful referral, you and your friend will get 100MB free data for each person! 

How to refer your friends

  1. Click refer friends
  2. Share the link to your social media
  3. Or copy and paste your link

User Guide and Troubleshooting

As much as we want to avoid problems, we can’t really escape them sometimes. Hence why FLEXIROAM is ready 24/7, quite literally, to support and assist you when you encounter any unwanted problems. 

Our team is always on standby and we have a user guide available on the App! So any problems you have when using FLEXIROAM, you can always count on us and our 5-star customer service to help you. 

How to access user guide

1. Go to Account Page

2. Click on Guide

3. Select the guide you want to

How to contact our customer service

1. Go to Account Page

2. Click on Support

3. Select which method you would like to choose

  • Self-support chat
  • Email support
  • 24/7 WhatsApp support
  • Line support

View Promotions

Here is the exciting part of FLEXIROAM X App, it’s Promotions time! As you probably have noticed, FLEXIROAM is incredibly generous when it comes to giving out discounts and promotions. Never miss out your chance to purchase data plans with our ongoing promotions!

How to view promotions on our App

1. Go to home page

2. Click on the Promotions icon on the top right corner

3. View the promotions

In fact, we have 2 ongoing promotions just for you! 

Stay at Home Promotions – 70% OFF Global Data Plan

T&C Apply

Stay Safe, Stay Home, Stay Connected with FLEXIROAM

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