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Introducing Airbnb Plus: Luxury Accommodations at Affordable Prices


Airbnb has certainly changed the scene of the hotel and hospitality industry since its introduction a decade ago. To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the company recently unveiled their latest service called Airbnb Plus.

Airbnb Plus

Image source: Airbnb

Image source: Airbnb Newsroom

Only a mere decade has passed since Airbnb was introduced into our lives. Since then, it has gone on to revamp the entire hotel and hospitality industry, revolutionising how people view and choose their accommodations for their travels. Today, the company proudly boasts over 4.5 million properties across the globe in more than 81,000 cities. At $30 billion, it is also one of the most valuable startups in the world. However, the company wants to change perceptions towards it, from being portrayed as an alternative way of traveling to one that is designed FOR EVERYONE.

Image source: Skift

Image source: Skift

To coincide with its 10th anniversary, the company recently unveiled their latest service called Airbnb Plus. It comes with the promise of “beautiful homes” from “exceptional host” that are “verified for quality”. This new service features listings that are inspected in-person by Airbnb. Properties are assessed through a 100 point quality checklist and are assured of quality. Listings come with bedrooms furnished with clean bedding, fully-featured kitchens and homes are equipped with fast Wifi. For hosts, a support team will be made available, dedicated for contacting the company directly when issues are encountered. Plus, they will also enjoy higher placement in searches and have a section of their own on the Airbnb app.

The Rates

Quality usually equates higher prices, but nights spent at one of these homes comes at prices that would not be exorbitant, with the average rate being under $250 a night. However, it is still considerably higher than the $100 charged per night for a standard listing. But what this new service offers customers is the assurance of a minimum level of quality that comes with every listing, with each property operated by hosts with ratings of 4.8 and above. So customers can rest easy for fear of dodgy listings and deranged hosts.

“Airbnb Plus is a new selection of only the highest quality homes with hosts who are known for great reviews and attention to detail.” – Airbnb


Image source: Airbnb

Image source: Airbnb

Currently, Airbnb Plus offers over 2,000 listings across 13 cities that includes Los Angeles, Milan, London and Sydney. However, these figures are expected to soar to include over 75,000 listings across 50 destinations worldwide by year end. So travellers can expect more high quality homes to come that would suit all of their travel needs at affordable prices.

Just look for the “Plus” badge to identify these stellar properties and start booking your very own Airbnb Plus homes!

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