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Introducing Flexiroam X


Imagine this scenario – you’re backpacking around the world heading to your next adventure when the need to check your social media or check out a new travel destination or even search for your next adventure strikes. So as usual, you whip out your phone and bam! you’ve not only run out of data, but you can’t get a good connection and to get more roaming data is gonna put a strain to your travel budget. So now you gotta go through the hassle of searching for a decent WiFi connection nearby, but when you look around, there isn’t any in sight. Now that’s frustrating isn’t it? Well, what if we tell you that we have a solution for you?

A new and revolutionary product that has just been launched recently – Flexiroam X takes your travelling experience to a whole new level.

Forget about researching for data packages before travelling, queuing up at the airport when you land, figuring out how to communicate in their native tongue when buying a local SIM card or even the expensive charges that will be incurred when you start roaming. This thin microchip, once stuck on your local SIM allows you to travel to over 100 countries minus all the hassle. The upside? You get to earn up to 100GB worth of FREE ROAMING DATA even before you start planning your trips!

Okay, I know you guys may be having like a million and one questions; but that’s what we’re here for, to answer them.

This new revolutionary way of data roaming is sold at USD 9.90! Now, for this price you will get the 1-year X-Membership that only includes the Starter Pack. Now, this is where the magic is. You will need to just take out the microchip, and stick it on your own SIM card. Bear in mind though that once you’ve stuck it on your SIM, you can’t take it out. In addition to that, we also do have packages that allows you to purchase any amount of data at your fingertips. Oh, such convenience!

Okay, here’s a little secret to share. For an easy and fast way to earn data, just refer your friends. Imagine this, by referring 1 friend you get 100MB and for every 10 friends you refer, you get 1GB. So by referring 100 friends, you get 10GB and I mean, come on isn’t that awesome? 10GB worth of free data can get you backpacking all over without worrying of roaming charges, and imagine if you can unlock all 100GB worth of free data. Travel to the ends of the Earth and yet you get to stay connected for free.

Alright, on to a more serious note. Once you’ve registered your X-app, all you need to do is set-up your Flexiroam X. So, how do you do that? Let’s take a look..

Here’s your X Starter Pack, looking all cool and awesome!


So all you gotta do is open it and and stick your X-Microchip on your local SIM.



So, your activation should look something like this..(clockwise)

WhatsApp Image 2016-09-08 at 4.30.17 PM

Okay, once you’ve successfully activated your account and done the first time set-up, you’re good to go! Accumulate your free data and have no worry about roaming charges or searching high and low for WiFi connections when you travel! You get to spend less and travel more with Flexiroam X.

Now, of course you’ll be wondering how does this amazing creation works, right? Well, click on this link and watch the video 🙂  http://bit.ly/HowXWorks

And the most awesome-mest thing? We now have 4G connections in over 50 countries! You won’t have to do a Lion King ritual to search for stable connection anymore!

So, go get your X-app now and change the way you roam today!


For more information, please visit www.flexiroamx.com