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iOS 14 Rumours: Release Date, Features and Beta

Apple’s iOS 13 will soon be old news despite it being released only one year ago. The latest and most advanced version of iOS is yet to come, but rumour has it that Apple users might get a taste of iOS 14 in less than a year. Coming with a new set of features and capabilities, iOS 14 has definitely been the talk of the technology market space. 

As mentioned in a Bloomberg article, during its first debut to the users and app developers, iOS 13 had several problems. The app was laggy and even crashed during the launch process, the inconsistency in cellular network and issues with the user interface in apps such as Messages. Considering these facts, will Apple’s iOS 14 be better in terms of its development?

Before we deepen our research, let’s take a look at the upcoming iOS 14.

Release Date

iOS 14 is expected to be released this autumn, precisely in September 2020. However, several reports suggested that the announcement and its first beta debut will fall this summer in June 2020. 

The actual release date for iOS 14 might be months away. Still, the anticipation from the users and app developers are filling up the market. Speculations have been made because the release dates for the previous iOS fell on pretty much the same timeframe. 

Take a look at this data:

Can you see the pattern? So get your gear ready and let’s wait for the release date.

Rumoured Features

Source: Maulik Sutariya on Unsplash

What features do you expect from iOS 14? While the official list of the features is still in the cooking, there are rumours and some leaks about iOS 14 and what they’re capable of. 

According to MacRumors, here are the features of iOS 14 you need to expect:

1. Home Screen

It is possible that the home screen on the upcoming iOS 14 might look the same as Apple Watch, which is a list. This list might be according to the alphabetical order and users should be able to set up viewing details.

2. Fitness App

Fitness-heads must be happy to hear this! Why? Apple is planning to create a fitness app for iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple TV that enables its users to download fitness videos. 

3. Messages

The Messages app is probably the most updated feature in iOS 14. How so? Let’s list out the things that Apple promised the users. 

@ Mentions 
Yes! User can mention another user in a group chat, so it will look like Slack mention.

Unsend Message
Guess who is happy if Apple decided to push forward this feature on its messenger app? Me and most definitely you! Reckless texters are letting out a sigh right now because this feature will save you from countless arguments. Just kidding!

Group Typing Indicator
In a multi-chat or a group chat, we are unable to see the people who are typing. But with this feature, users can see those who are typing in that instance, instead of just one person.

Mark as Unread
This feature is a gem, especially for those who are forgetful. With Mark as Unread, you can easily distinguish the texts that are important among the spam texts. 

4. Augmented Reality App

Apple has been planning to present a new augmented reality application in iOS 14. It is rumoured to be named as “Gobi”. Words circulating in the air about what this app is capable of, and one of them is to get more information about the users’ surroundings.

5. Car Key

This Car Key feature helps the owners of NFC-enabled cars to use their iPhones to lock, unlock and start the vehicle. It is rumoured that there will be a sharing feature through the Messages app. Talking about vehicles, BMW will most likely be one of the first partners based on this information.

Supported Devices

Up until today, there have not been any official updates regarding the supported devices of iOS 14. Whispers on the street, iOS 14 is said to support all devices that iOS 13 supported.

Here is the list of iOS 13 supported devices:

1. iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max
2. iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, 
3. iPhone X
4. iPhone 8, 8 Plus
5. iPhone SE, 7, 7 Plus
6. iPhone 6s, 6s Plus

Should you download the iOS 14 Beta?

Are you one of those people who are impatiently waiting for the official release date? It can be really tempting to be one of the first ones to experience iOS 14 Public Beta. Be really careful when you’re downloading these public betas as they might contain bugs and glitches that will damage your phone. 

But you know, if you’re that serious about getting to know iOS 14 now, make sure you have a spare iPhone. You can access these public beta websites on the internet. 

Now that you know what to expect in iOS 14, it’s time for you to be prepared. Keep your eyes on the news and updates with RoamingBuzz!

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