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iPhone 11 will be eSIM compatible amongst other rumoured upgrades


Apple has invited worldwide press for an event set to take place on 10 September at Cupertino, California. It’s quite certain that this will be the launch of the all-new iPhone 11.

It is rumored that 3 products will be introduced namely the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

What will the incremental upgrades look like? We’ve gathered info from various leakers and sources, it will likely be ranging from more advanced cameras, faster speeds, iOS 13 and a few new colors.


iPhone 11 rumored specs

The flagship iPhone 11 is said to cost as much as the iPhone XS, with a starting price of an estimated $1,000.

One thing’s for certain, the iPhone 11 will run on eSIM. Unlike most things that have an “e” in front of them, eSIM does not stand for electronic SIM instead it stands for embedded SIM as it’s wired into the phone’s hardware and supported by a wireless carrier.

This means probably no physical SIM cards for the iPhone 11. Our guess is that there won’t be a SIM tray as well as it would serve no function. With no SIM tray, the overall design would appear sleeker and have a greater lux appeal. We will see on the unveiling of the new models.


eSIMs provide a host of benefits. They make it possible for you to quickly and instantly switch wireless carriers based on the best rates at any given time, which is a huge plus for travellers.

Imagine not being tied down to a specific data plan even on the go, the freedom to make switches makes it even more tempting.

From a business standpoint, more competition between wireless carriers would generate more competitive rates to cater to and attract a diversified market.

It’s only days away till we find out more about what this latest iPhone has in store. Will it be just a tiny notch up? Will there be significant improvements in performance and features? We’ll just have to wait and keep up with the latest news.

Apple has demonstrated that it is perfectly capable to rally several organizations to champion new tech alongside it – or team up on new platforms like it did with Apple Pay, Apple TV, and the new Apple Card, it is possible that it could do the same with a revolutionary concept for phone tariffs.


Apple will unveil its new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max at a special event next Tuesday, September 10th. The phones are then expected to be made available for preorder that Friday and a release is likely set for Friday, September 20th.

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