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iPhone X – To Buy Or Not To Buy? That Is The Question?

The iPhone X is an expensive phone but it is said to have a revolutionary technology that would change the world of mobile phones. But is it worth that much money?


If you’re an Apple maniac, nothing will stop you from getting the new iPhone. The maniac in you will go as far as spending more than the average buyer because you will be buying accessories and other items that are sold separately but complement the phone.

Nothing is wrong with being a huge fan of Apple – and many people love being called maniac fans – so this is not meant as an insult.

But some people would go as far as committing a crime or multiple felonies to get their hands on an iPhone. In fact, before the launch of iPhone X, thieves pulled a $370,000 heist to steal 300 iPhone X.

Don’t do that.. Get it legally.

Is It worth Getting?


Tom’s Guide – a technology review website – suggests that the iPhone X’s comes in a mixed package of emotions. But apparently, the positive points out-weigh the negative ones? Not sure.

There is no doubt that the iPhone X is Apple’s most priced and exciting phone out there. It has a futuristic design, new ways to unlock and an edge to edge screen.

But it costs a lot of money.

You can still get a cheaper iPhone, which is iPhone 8 – or even an Android phone. But, here is why you might want to get the iPhone X:

1. Futuristic Design


The iPhone X has an edge to edge screen, covering almost 99% of the front view of the phone. This is a big 5.8 inch screen, at least big for a phone.

There is no home button. This is something new that Apple rolled out. Apple says that this design is minimalist.

The look is luxurious because of the stainless steel bands with seamless rounded corners.

2. FACE ID Recognition


Image from Apple Insider

While this is not quite new to mobile phones, but the iPhone X has a new way to unlock it – it uses your FACE ID.

The feature is called TrueDepth camera. Apple says:

All you need to do is simply look at the iPhone X and swipe up on the screen to log in.

The FACE ID feature is also used to authenticate mobile payments. But Apple says that the Touch ID is still faster. However, the FACE ID works well if your hand is messy or sweaty and works in the dark and in broad day light.

3. OLED Display Screen


This screen is considered revolutionary due to its realistic colors and greater depth perception compared with its competitors. This screen is brighter and overs wider view angles with HD support.

But, this screen seems to have some problems. So just hold the excitement.

4. TrueDepth Front Camera


Image from Pop Sugar

The front camera on the iPhone X has amazing new features that allow you to gain greater control of the effects – including background effects.

Additionally, Apple is opening up the Portrait Mode to third-party developers, so you’ll be able to drop your face into all sorts of backgrounds. Enlight Photofox is just one app that’s jumping on the TrueDepth bandwagon.

5. Great for VR Videos and Video Games


Image from Wccftech.com

What makes iPhone X unique is its new A11 Bionic chip. This chip promises 70% faster performance via its four high-efficiency cores and 25% better performance via its two high-performance cores.

This advancement boosts augmented-reality performance in video games and VR. In games like Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade, you can place robots right on the table in front of you and have them battle it out.

6. Superior Dual Cameras


The cameras on iPhone X have some serious advancement: both offer not just a bigger and faster sensor, but photos with true-to-life colors, better details in the shadows and improved texture. The telephoto lens in particular shines on the iPhone X, as it offers optical image stabilization for better low-light photos and videos.

Why You Shouldn’t Get It?

If you don’t want to get it, here are possible reasons why:

1. Price! $$$$


With the intense competition out there, iPhone X is very expensive compared to its competitors in the market. Even iPhone 8 is cheaper.

Starting price is at ($999)

If you are price-sensitive person, this isn’t for you.



If you want to get the fast charging gizmos for your iPhone X, you’ll need to pay extra for a Apple USB-C Power Adapter (about $49). It costs another $25 for a USB-C to Lightning cable.

Wireless fast charging is another option, but you’ll need to make sure it outputs at 7.5 watts.

3. Time 2 Learn


Image from Apple Insider

So, because there is no home button now, users of the iPhone X need to learn new ways to interact with the phone. Now, users need to swipe up to go back to the home screen, swipe down from the top right to see Control Center and there is a whole new way to close the apps on the iPhone X.

There is also the power off and headset as all different options.

Tom’s Guide says “you need at least a week to get the hang of the new phone.”

4. iPhone 8


There is the iPhone 8 to compete with the iPhone X. This is interesting because: iPhone 8 is $200 cheaper than iPhone X, it has similar features as the iPhone X in the camera and the bionic processor, and the iPhone 8 is also very good.

5. OLED Screen Problem

With a smartphone THAT EXPENSIVE, people aren’t amused when Apple cautioned iPhone X owners on how to avoid “burn-in” on the device’s OLED screen.

OLED screen has a possibility of ‘burn-in’ – meaning if you leave an image on the screen for too long, there is a risk of it being permanently retained on (or burned into) the screen over time.

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