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Japanese Airline Tries to Stop Babies from Crying on Airplanes

All Nippon Airways (ANA), the largest airline in Japan, has recently conducted an odd experiment to figure out how to stop babies from crying on airplanes.

Image from: ANA

I get it that crying babies on a flight can sometimes be a nuisance, but it is a phenomenon all too common.


The Experiment to Try Stop Babies from Crying

According to Japanese media, the experiment involved using a device, developed by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp (NTT) and Toray Industries in partnership with ANA, attached to the chests of babies to detect any changes in vital signs from the babies such as their pulse.

When a change is detected, parents will apparently receive a notification on their phones to quickly have their child drink some water, nurse or suck on pacifiers or candies. These are recommendations to ameliorate ear pressure when cabin pressure changes.

Image from: Fatherly

According to the airline, many parents avoid flying because they worry their babies will disturb other passengers. Some parents even go as far as handing out apology notes and candies to ‘apologise in advance’ because of their children!


Japanese Society More Intolerant to Noise

Japanese society seems to be more intolerant of crying children and noise made by children, more so than others at least. Some experts in the country speculate that Japan’s incredibly low birthrate caused the population’s intolerance to the sounds of children.

Nevertheless, being annoyed by crying babies is certainly not solely a Japanese trait. Other airlines like Malaysian Airlines and Scoot Airlines have created Child-Free Zones policies too. Others like JetBlue would reward their passengers to be more tolerant of crying babies.


Babies crying is certainly a very common phenomenon. Perhaps parents and passengers alike should be given more information about cabin pressure and the subsequent discomfort on babies.

Hopefully, with that understanding, passengers can generally be a little more understanding and tolerable to babies crying in airplanes.

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