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Meet the major players in the eSIM technology game of today

People are calling it the next generation of SIM in mobile telecommunications, the eSIM is an embedded SIM that exists within the smartphone itself. This means no more fussing with your SIM cards when you travel and using two numbers simultaneously. So, just what eSIM brands are out there, what are their benefits are which suits your needs.

Let’s dive in!



The latest iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone X series (iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR updated to iOS.12.1 Beta 1) as well as the Apple Watch Series 3 and 4 are all dual-SIM enabled and therefore can support eSIM.

Using eSIM requires a wireless service plan (which may include restrictions on switching wireless carriers and roaming, even after contract expiration). Since not all carriers support eSIM, the use of eSIM in your iPhone may be disabled when purchased from certain carriers.

Find out if your carrier supports eSIM here



Not limited to just smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy Watch and Samsung Gear S2 and S3 are one of the earliest smartwatches to possess eSIM functionality. Samsung’s first and only smartphone in the list of eSIM support is the Samsung Galaxy Fold, released in September. It’s a foldable phone with the OLED screen technology.

The new Samsung Note 10 and Samsung Note 10+, however, does not support eSIM, with no reason was recorded as to why. However, Samsung has plans to expand the overall eSIM solution to support upcoming 5G technology alongside IoT (Internet of Things), we can expect to see more from Samsung with regards to eSIM in time probably by next year.

Find out if your carrier supports eSIM for the Galaxy Smart Watch here



Google Fi is a phone carrier operated by Google with eSIM support hence its range of eSIM-programmed devices: Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL, Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL and finally Google Pixel 3A and Google Pixel 3A XL, easy to remember huh?

Fi makes a good choice with its simplified billing of $20 per month with unlimited text and talk time and a flat rate of $10 per GB of data used after that. It also has Bill Protection to cap your charges monthly, seamless international data and calling with the improved network coverage. It’s quite the complete package.

Also, the upcoming Google Pixel 4 is built with eSIM capabilities, check it here 



Huawei Watch 2 Pro is the sole device that supports eSIM for the moment. It gives you the freedom to be away from your phone. It comes in sports and classic watch styles.

We are certain that Huawei has some upcoming announcements of more eSIM devices and possibly some IoT (Internet of Things) in the coming years as well.



With the introduction of Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha, it is believed that Xiaomi is also joining the eSIM technology race. Xiaomi is very popular because of its valuable price offerings making technology available for the masses. Affordable phones with eSIM technology will be available soonest. Stay tuned!


ESIM for data roaming

With plenty of choices for eSIM, choosing one can be daunting. Whatever it may be, we suggest getting one great coverage, high data capacity, shareable with loved ones and app activation for ease amongst other factors.

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