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Meet Taipei 2016 – Leading the Future for Startups!

So from the 17th -19th November we were invited to participate in the largest startup carnival in Asia which took place at the Taipei Expo Dome. FLEXIROAMERS, Wong Yee Mun (Sales and Marketing) and Peiyi Malika (Business Development) flew all the way to Taiwan for a 5 day trip to take part in this exciting event.

Let’s have a look at what happened in Taiwan!

On Wednesday, the 16th of November, there was a welcome dinner organised for all the international teams. Through the networking dinner, we were able to meet startups from Hong Kong, China, Malaysia and also France. There was a lot of opportunities to mingle around and find out about all sorts of startups. We managed to make some new friends and also got a few people super curious about Flexiroam and our latest product, Flexiroam X!.

On the 17th, we went to the event venue to set up our booth. The President of Taiwan came to the opening ceremony and made the opening remarks. The 3 day event was filled with curious participants and visitors who would visit our booth to find out about how Flexiroam X works. During the event, we managed to get new registrations from Taiwan, Hong Kong and even France as well!


(From left to right: Yeemun and Peiyi at the booth in Taipei)


The Event took place at the beautiful Taipei Expo Park at Zhongshan District.


Yeemun answering questions about our product whilst passerby listens by.



Peiyi got interviewed by City News Taipei about Flexiroam and its product.


Pink Stage: Seed Star Taipei

We also had the opportunity to attend some talks and networking sessions that happened throughout the 3 days.


On Saturday the 19th of Nov, Peiyi and Yeemun presented about the Flexiroam and its products at Global Spark at the XLab.

The audience consisted of visitors, participants, media and also VCs and Angels. It was a great experience for the FLEXIROAMERS to pitch in front of a foreign audience. The feedback was great as people came up to talk to them about future partnerships and investment collaborations.

At the end of 3 day event, they went for dinner at the hawker stores in the Taipei Expo Dome.


Apart from working hard at the event, they also managed to try some local Taiwan food such as the famous bubble tea, and some delicious street food at the Shilin night market. Overall, Taiwan was a wonderful experience for the both of them! And of course they had very stable 4G connectivity throughout their trip thanks to Flexiroam X.