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No More White Card: Singapore’s First Electronic Arrival Card

Singapore, a well-known small country turned global financial hub, has always been an attraction to travellers around the world. Approximately 18.5 million international visitors came to Singapore in 2018, making it the fifth most-visited country in the world according to statistics. Not only for business purposes, but these visitors also landed their feet on Singapore to get a taste of Singaporean culture, delicacies and shopping destination. 

The Lion Country aims to be the world’s greenest city, hence the gardens you can encounter in every corner of Singapore. As an eco-cosmopolitan city, Singapore is taking a big step to go paperless, especially for tourism purposes. One of the initiatives is the Electronic Arrival Card (beta).

After almost one year since the trial version launched, tourists who are travelling to Singapore are still surprised by the Electronic Arrival Card.


Easily accessible via your smartphone, Singapore makes the lives of travellers easier by its Electronic Arrival Card. Source: Pexels

Easily accessible via your smartphone, Electronic Arrival Card saves more time. Source: Pexels


What is Electronic Arrival Card?


Electronic Arrival Card or also known as SG Arrival Card is an e-service provided by the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA) of Singapore. The object of the Electronic Arrival Card is to assist foreign visitors travelling to Singapore, so they prepare entry documents before arriving in the country.

Electronic Arrival Card will eventually replace the paper-based embarkation/disembarkation card – also known as the white card. It provides all the details needed for your travel, for example, the date of arrival and departure, address in Singapore and more. 

Electronic Arrival Card doesn’t serve as a work permit or visa. Therefore, make sure before going to Singapore, prepare the required documents.


Am I eligible to enjoy this service?


Most foreign visitors are eligible to enjoy this trial service, however there are unavailable countries at the moment. Once the trial period is over, the Electronic Arrival Card is available for all international visitors. There is an exception for the foreign visitors arriving via cruise liners and the work permit applicants. 

It is best to make sure that all travellers have the required documents based on the countries, so the process of the travel is more straightforward!

And, yes, it is free of charge! 


Singapore has a lot to offer, for business and leisure. Source: Pexels

Singapore has a lot to offer, for business and leisure and Electronic Arrival Card makes it easier. Source: Pexels


How do I use the Electronic Arrival Card?


With this e-service, foreign visitors will have easier access to enter Singapore. It is as simple as opening the web and after that, fill up the electronic form with the details.

For those who have a smartphone with them, first of all, open your App Store (iOS) or Google Playstore (Android). Secondly, download the “SG Arrival Card” and after that, fill in the details.

After filling up the Electronic Arrival Card, foreign visitors will only have to go to the immigration checkpoint and present their travel documents. The travel documents depend on your home countries. Travellers from some countries might need a visa to enter Singapore, therefore travellers need to check their eligibility to visit Singapore. 


When should I apply?


Unlike the white card, foreign travellers can fill up their details onto the Electronic Arrival Card 14 days before their arrival date. It is recommended as it will avoid delays and unwanted scenarios at the immigration counter. All information must be written in English, and it must be valid and accurate so mistakes can be avoided.


No buildings tall enough, no culture diverse enough for Singapore! Source: Pixabay

No buildings tall enough, no culture diverse enough for Singapore! Source: Pixabay



Let’s make a checklist for your trip to singapore 🇸🇬!


1. Passport: ✓
2. Visa: ✓
3. Electronic Arrival Card: ✓
4. 💰💰💰: ✓
5. FLEXIROAM Data Plan: ✓



Flexiroam will ensure your connectivity in Singapore

Flexiroam will ensure your connectivity in Singapore




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