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TripAdvisor and Flexiroam get into an exciting partnership


About over a month ago, we proudly announced our partnership with the world’s largest travel site; TripAdvisor!

“TripAdvisor aims to be the best source of information for travelers who are on the go. In a world where data roaming is invaluable to those who travel frequently, being able to share our content with Flexiroam subscribers in this way will no doubt help travelers get and make the most out of their trips.” said Aaron Hung, Director of Partnerships of Asia Pacific, Tripadvisor.

Thus, with this aim in mind, we are here to unleash an amazing experience to travelers in every trip they make.


From Left to Right: Wong Yee Mun (Marketing Executive, Flexiroam), Chek Lim Cheng (Senior Manager of Partnerships Asia Pacific, TripAdvisor), Jefrey Ong (Managing Director, Flexiroam), Aaron Hung (Director of Partnerships Asia Pacific, TripAdvisor), Mimi Chan (Manager of Partnerships Asia Pacific, TripAdvisor), Nicholas Yeap (VP Sales & Marketing)

So what’s the new feature or how can travellers benefit from it?

Well for a start, you have Flexiroam X; a roaming solution at your fingertips with coverage in over 100 countries PLUS, now you can search location-based content and read travel recommendations from TripAdvisor in the app too! That’s totally good news worth spreading! *a thumbs up*
For a traveler, (whether you’re frequent, leisure or business), it’s common that we’d try to squeeze in, however little time we have, to find out where the best place of attraction is, food to enjoy and experience as many things we can in a foreign country.

Well, now you no longer need to sit down in front of your computer for hours, going through and planing (which will take up so much of your time) because by opening the Flexiroam X app, you’ll be able to read reviews and recommendations on the go.

How do you do that in the app you ask? Easy!

Open your Flexiroam X app and tap on coverage (looking like below picture)

You’ll see a list of countries where Flexiroam X is covered in and you just need to tap on the individual country you want and view it.

In each supported country, you’ll then be able to see all of TripAdvisor’s highlights or recommendations. Ain’t that cool?

Now if you click on the listing, you’ll open the TripAdvisor page and just like that, more information at your fingertips!


You wouldn’t need to open your Google browser separately and search for recommendations anymore. You can do it all with the app now (sorry for repeating this so many times… not sure about you guys, but we find this absolutely exciting!)

Not only does Flexiroam X allow you to earn up to 100GB of free data roaming, but now, with TripAdvisor content added to our app-feature (like chocolate icing to the cake); we are sure travelers can get the best of both worlds, while they’re roaming abroad!

Get started now by downloading the Flexiroam X app.

If you have done so, and have not updated to the latest version, we recommend you update you app now! 🙂

Change the way you roam today.

For more information, visit www.flexiroam.com and you can download the app now.