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Refer and get FREE data roaming!

Okay, peeps. Now everyone seems to be asking one common question these days, ‘How do we refer a friend?’ or even the classic, ‘How can we get more FREE Data?’

Well, here’s a simple solution for you. 3 simple steps and you can get as much of Free Data you want. Don’t believe? Well, let’s take a look.

Step 1 – Open your Flexiroam X App and click on Unlock Free Data.


Step 2 – Next to your personalized referral code, there is a share button. Click on that.


Step 3 – Choose the platform to which you would like to share your personal referral code to and share the everyone! The more the merrier! Technically the more you share, the more data you get too.


Well, what are you guys waiting for? Don’t hang around anymore! Share the love today by sharing your referral code to your pals. Once they’ve registered, you’ll both get 100MB each. Ohhh yeahhh! So let’s do a slight mathematical solution yeah.

1 friend = 100MB

10 friends = 1GB

100 friends = 10GB

And I’m prettys you guys have more than 100 friends, right? So that’s like 10GB easily in the palm of your hands. Pretty much enough to last you for awhile while you’re travelling ain’t it?

We’ve also added a small specialty for you. You get to customize your referral code. Be warned though, you get to do it once only, so think very carefully of the most swag code you can come up with before changing it yeah.

Now how do you go about personalizing your referral code? Easy! Just open your Flexiroam X App and click on Unlock Free Data. Then you just gotta edit your referral code and make sure you think of the most awesome referral code eva!


So, start referring to as many friends as you can and once you’re all set and ready to go for that holiday you’ve been saving up for; just purchase the Starter Pack for USD 9.99 (that would be RM40) and roam on over 100 countries with all the free data you’ve accumulated. It’s easy as 1, 2, 3!

Check out the video to learn more! watch here

For more information, please visit www.flexiroamx.com.