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To ROAM or not to ROAM?

“Shannon was shocked when she received her expensive phone bill after a relaxing holiday overseas.” Sounds familiar?

According to a survey by uSwift, 85% of people who use their smartphone during their holiday abroad don’t know what they are charged for. What about you? Do you know what you are charged for during your overseas trip?

Data roaming charges; even a little may cost you up to approximately USD15 per MB! Usually, the cost of roaming is varied depending on the country you visit and it can cost up to 20% of your travel budget. However, internet data is becoming essential for many travellers to stay connected, navigate and yes, even to read reviews or search for visits nearby in the country you’re at. 

So you’re probably thinking, to roam or not to roam during your next trip right? Well, how about you read the infographic below and save yourself from shocking roaming charges! Plus, get yourself updated with some roaming hacks too. To top that, we’re giving you FREE 500MB of roaming data because we know how important it is to stay connected whilst travelling. 


So, how much data does a traveler usually use?


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