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Seamless, cheap and safe travel with FLEXIROAM eSIM

Evolution of travel

Travel has evolved immensely throughout human history. From pilgrimages on foot, all the way to high-speed trains, luxury cruises and aeroplanes. Another notable aspect of travel that has also evolved with the times is communication. In the not so distant past, in the 1950s before the commercialization of aircraft services, the fastest method of international travel was by boat. Friends, parents and children alike could go for months without hearing from their loved ones. Left only to wonder if they were ok. 

Data Roaming, Higher Convenience vs Lower Cost

Higher Convenience

Currently, there are 3.5 billion people with smartphones, accounting for 45.12% of the world’s population. That is almost half of the human population with access to communication services, allowing them connectivity internationally. The problem here lies with the telecoms. Everyone knows how much of a necessity staying connected is, and the telecoms have designed pricing strategies for their data roaming services to be exuberant. They are taking advantage of people’s need to stay connected. Data roaming services may look unaffordable to consumers seeking to save money while travelling. 

Lower Cost

Travellers looking to save money on a staying connected abroad have become accustomed to purchasing disposable travel sim cards from telecoms at their travel destinations. Allowing them to remain connected while reducing money spent on staying connected. However, it gets slightly less convenient when travelling to more than one destination. It would require the traveller to purchase a new sim card for each country visited physically. 

Travelling with FLEXIROAM eSIM

Easy travel with FLEXIROAM eSIM!

eSIM on the go

FLEXIROAM’s eSIM comes to the rescue to break the status quo. Flexiroam is truly a global SIM for the traveller of today. With Flexiroam’s eSIM, staying connected while travelling gets even more accessible. This new telecommunications technology is removing the reliance on a physical sim card. 

Getting a Flexiroam eSIM is as simple as: 

  1. Downloading the Flexiroam X app 
  2. Signing up for a Flexiroam X account 
  3. Purchasing the eSIM & setting it up. 

No delivery or Self pick up required. Travelling with eSIM is a 100% online experience with Flexiroam. Once you downloaded the eSIM on to your phone, you need to purchase data plan on the FLEXIROAM X app to get connected. Downloading an eSIM is as simple as scanning a QR code. 

Several eSIM capable devices are already on the market, with notable phones such as iPhone 11,11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, XS, XR, XS Max, Google Pixel 4, Pixel 3series, GalaxyFold LTE and Galaxy S20.

Safe travel with eSIM

Safety is number one concern when you’re travelling and FLEXIROAM eSIM is here to help you! Source: Pixabay

While travelling, you may come into contact with scammers and thieves looking to make a quick profit off you. They may attempt to steal your private information help on your sim card or may try to steal your phone altogether. Travelling with eSIM has ways of mitigating this.


If your phone were to be lost or stolen, the person that took it could remove a sim card to sever the connection between you and your phone. With an eSIM as soon as a device is activated, it would be connected and can be tracked down. Traditional sim cards have this core weakness which is that because they are physical, someone could remove it from your phone to steal your private information. With an eSIM, it is digital, so removing it is physically impossible.


Not just physical security, eSIM is also improving cybersecurity. The GSMA implemented a safety feature called “Subscription Management Data Protection” (SM-DP+). It ensures that hackers cannot upload a new profile to your phone and hijack your information. When a device submits a request to download a new profile, a unique code is verified by a third party for approval and confirmed by the operator to download a new profile. Ensuring the safety of your information so you can travel carefree. 

Avoiding Infection

Because eSIM is not reliant on physical retail outlets to distribute sim cards to customers, FLEXIROAM eSIM users can avoid the inconvenience of collecting a physical sim. eSIM is especially useful for staying safe while travelling during the outbreak of COVID19. Buying a physical sim at your destination country would require you to stay in a crowded airport for an extended period, increasing your risk of infection. FLEXIROAM eSIM allows you to stay connected without having to risk your health to obtain a necessity for travellers. 

Unlimited Connectivity with FLEXIROAM eSIM!

So no matter where you go, as long as it’s with FLEXIROAM eSIM, you can stay safe from thieves and hackers. You don’t have to expose yourself to potential infection when you’re travelling physically. Flexiroam’s eSIM is unlimited connectivity at it’s finest.

FLEXIROAM eSIM experience means that you are connected from touchdown, no waiting to get past immigration and customs. Being able to tell your loved ones that you have arrived safely and that your thoughts are with them. Checking social media while waiting for your turn at immigration.

Checking your hotel booking details through your email. Booking a rideshare service in advance. FLEXIROAM keeps you connected to what you love while you’re on the go. Hence why, FLEXIROAM is truly a global SIM for the everyday traveller.

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