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How to Avoid Roaming Charges

Nothing says “I care “quite like writing a letter to a loved one back home while you are travelling overseas, well unless your reason for doing it is to escape the guaranteed shock of an international voice call charge. Do not worry, we totally understand and we really want to make sure that from here on you will be able to write letters to those you care about for the right reasons, not just to avoid roaming charges. International voice call and data charges are worst thing to happen to Smart phones since the announcement that Flappy Bird would be discontinued and we all know how earth shattering that was.Read More »How to Avoid Roaming Charges

Small Business Travel: How To Reduce Costs

There is a unique difference between business travelers who own their own small business and those who are part of large corporations.

Small business owners pay all of their own bills, they even pay for their own business travel costs, whereas corporate travelers are often backed by company expense accounts that cover all of their business travel costs. What that means is that small business owners have a lot more to take into account when travelling. A good travel budget is one of those things. So let’s help you to manage your small business travel costs with a few tipsRead More »Small Business Travel: How To Reduce Costs