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8 Ways to Reduce Your Data Usage on Android and iOS

In a perfect world, you would be able to travel to any country, land at your destination’s airport to find a Wi-Fi connection on a silver platter waiting for you to use for the entire duration of your trip. Unfortunately if the spiked price of a small Starbucks coffee hasn’t convinced you of the imperfection of the world we live in then surely the attack of roaming charges on your data bundle once you travel abroad will prove just that point.

Mobile network providers have pretty much maxed out their ability to offer unlimited data at a time where it is perhaps in its highest demand.  So where do consumers find themselves now? Buying capped data bundles at sky high prices and looking for ways to appreciate their limited data plans. But how can Smartphone users make the most of their capped plans. How does an online savvy nation like Generation Y make the most of a limited data plan? The great news for you is that there are always hacks to such things, so here are 8 easy ways to reduce your data usage while you are travelling.Read More »8 Ways to Reduce Your Data Usage on Android and iOS