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What can you do with your South African Passport? List of VISA FREE Countries

Don’t know where to travel this holiday? Here are the list of countries which you can travel in without a visa for South Africans.

Visa-Free Countries

Angola Georgia Malaysia Singapore
Antigua & Barbuda Grenada Mauritius South Korea
Argentina Guatemala Micronesia St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Bahamas Guyana Mozambique Swaziland
Barbados Haiti Namibia Tanzania
Belize Honduras Nicaragua Thailand
Benin Hong Kong Palestinian territories Trinidad and Tobago
Botswana Indonesia Panama Tunisia
Brazil Ireland Paraguay Uruguay
Chile Israel Peru Vanuatu
Costa Rica Jamaica Philippines Venezuela
Dominica Kenya Qatar Zambia
Dominican Republic Kosovo Russian Federation Zimbabwe
Ecuador Lesotho Saint Kitts and Nevis
El Salvador Macao Saint Lucia
Fiji Malawi Senegal

Here is the list of Top 5 countries South African loves to travel to and why. If you haven’t join in with the fun, fret not, we’ll help you prepare, just continue reading the post below!



South Africans can enjoy themselves for up to 6 months in Ireland as they have two types of visas available. Type C visa allows South Africans to stay a maximum of 90 days while Type D visas allow visitation for 90 days and more.

There are many beautiful places such as the capital city of Ireland, Dublin, to visit that could warm your heart with the amazing scenery. Besides the heart warming sceneries, the Irish folktales are bound to captivate your soul with the myths untold such as the origins of leprechaun.



In Jamaica, South Africans can stay up to 180 days without visa. Jamaica is definitely the place to visit if you love beaches. The combination of soft white sand and impressive scenery, you won’t want to go home anymore! You can even experience world-class snorkelling and scuba diving spots while you’re at it!

If chilling by the beach isn’t your favourite past time, you can even hit the streets and look for dance events. You’ll be able to embrace the dancehall culture practiced by Jamaica. Just watch how the locals do it and you might even join in yourself!


When you travel to South Korea visa free, you can experience a whole new level of culture, from the famous street food stalls to their aesthetic traditional dances. There is no doubt that you should visit South Korea at least once in your lifetime.

If you love to fully experience the South Korean culture, then you should visit Gyeongbokgung Palace. From there, you can rent a “hanbok”(Korean traditional attire) and take beautiful pictures. Also, if you are a city-person, do check out their iconic “Namsan Seoul Tower” which appears in almost all of the k-dramas as a backdrop



South Africans can stay up to 60 days when visiting Thailand and extensions are available if you haven’t experience and enjoy the Thai culture and food enough (Especially true since food and shopping there is cheap!)

If you’re not planning on shopping, food hunting is a must! There are so many delicious food to try in Thailand, especially if you love eating hot and spicy food! One of the million examples include their mango sticky rice, boat noodle that can be eaten in one mouth and their world-renowned Tom Yam Kung. You’re bound to come back with a food baby after visiting Thailand!



If mother nature is your thing, you can visit Brazil as they have up to 62 beautiful and natural parks! South Africans can stay up to 90 days without visa so you can surely take your time enjoying mother nature at it’s best.

If a few parks are just enough for you, don’t worry! Just hop by and visit countries like Argentina, Chile, Peru or even Uruguay especially since those countries are visa free as well. So why limit yourself to one country when you can visit a few at a go!

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