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Taylor’s Uni Collaboration

Last year, students from the Bachelor of Mass Communication of Taylor’s University collaborated with us as part of their Final Year Project. The purpose of this collaboration is to give the students insight into real working situations that they will face when they graduate and enter the workforce. It was an amazing ride as the students were given the opportunity to work first hand with our staff, in particular the digital marketing department, to plan and run campaigns on behalf of Flexiroam.

The assignment given was pretty straightforward, the students must play the role of advertising agencies tasked with promoting Flexiroam X (the app and membership) to different target audiences. Students were divided into three groups of 4-5 people which were named Prism, Madd Agency and Core Agency – seriously awesome names. Prism were tasked to target university students across Malaysia. Madd on the other hand had to come up with a campaign to attract individuals working in the aviation sector and finally Core Agency was given with the great opportunity to target the mass public.

We must say that we were really impressed with the amount of effort and detail that go into the campaigns created! For instance Core Agency came up with this impressive car sticker that we actually printed out and used as part of our marketing efforts;


Car sticker made by Core Agency Team for Flexiroam

We also had this cheeky (and corny) video made by Prism which showcases students picking up girls by using Flexiroam X in campus – check it out here! Taylor Uni Video

Lastly, Madd Agency helped us with introducing our very own mascot, Romasaur, to everyone. Say hi Romasaur!


Romasaur ad created by Madd Agency for Flexiroam

They even came up with a ‘spot and win’ contest where you have to find all the Romasaur in the photos given. P.S: They’re circled in the photo down below to make it easier for you to spot them;


Spot Romasaur ad created by Madd Agency Team for Flexiroam

We’re so grateful to have had the opportunity to share this incredible experience with the students from the Bachelor of Mass Communication of Taylor’s University. We are also impressed by the creativity and innovation portrayed by these young advertisers whom we have no doubt will become successful in their journey ahead.

Flexiroam would like to thank the students that were part of this collaboration and  we would also like to extend our gratitude to Taylor’s University. We also acknowledge that our relationship has been continuously strong through collaborations such as this one, career days, internship programs and even our referral contest was won by Sylvia Kavita from Taylors University. Watch out for our next post! So thank you Taylor’s kids! You guys are awesome!