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The Forgotten Regions – World’s Least Visited Countries

Traveling to a scarcely habited territory has its own charms. The unspoilt wilderness, the free flowing natural resources and the thrill of staying with the locals, as a local add to the kick a traveler gets from traveling to a less known territory. Lesser known and devoid of tourists, these rarely visited places are a haven for tourists who prefer to spend their holiday to connect with their inner self. Here is the list of the least visited countries in the world for those who want to get off the beaten track.

Timor Leste – Still recovering from the aftermath of the independence struggle against Indonesia, Timor Leste is a small island country in Southeast Asia. According to folklore, a giant crocodile was transformed into Timor Island from where it gets its name.

Republic of Marshall Islands – Located in the northern Pacific Ocean, Marshall Islands is a group of 1,156 islands and islets. The country with a small population of 70,000 is famous (or infamous) as the nuclear weapon testing site of the US. Tagged as the most contaminated place in the world, Marshall Islands is also home to the world’s largest shark sanctuary. Sounds just like a perfect location for a Hollywood horror movie, venture at your own risk as rumours of health hazards on the natives make news then and now in various media.

Sao Tome & Principe – Located in the Gulf of Guinea, Sao Tome & Principe is the second smallest African country. The island country consists of two main islands Sao Tome and Principe, both a part of an extinct volcanic mountain range. With a perfect tropical climate and mesmerising scenery, Sao Tome & Principe can be a perfect haven for tourists who prefer natural beauty to luxury and comforts while traveling.

Sierra Leone – The civil war did enough to spoil the image of this small western African country. With gruesome stories of bloodshed, illegal diamond mining and smuggling, wars and an unstable political system, Sierra Leone after years of finally getting blessed with peace, still waits for tourists with arms wide open. Infrastructural development and media relations are also helping the country to transform its image. Brave enough to travel to the land of blood diamonds?

There is an unparalleled pleasure in treading on the less traveled road that only an extreme tourist knows. Pack your bags and get ready to witness a complete new world. Bon Voyage!

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