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Top 8 Apps That Have Secretly Changed The Way We Travel

In this app-driven century, smartphones have already become something that is necessary for everyone to have in order to live.

It allows us to do so many things through all the available apps, such as reading, shopping, learning, playing, communicating, and even dating! There’s almost nothing that cannot be done through our smartphones.

Today, we are going to show you what are the TOP 8 APPS that have changed the way we travel without us even realizing it!

1. Google Maps

maps-appRemember 10 or 20 years back, when getting a physical map in a new destination was the first thing that we would do? It was to ensure that we get to a famous tourist spot by looking at a big piece of paper. In the recent 5 years, we have almost switched from the traditional maps to Google Maps completely.

We get to look at the Maps on our phone and knowing exactly where we are and which direction we are heading to. Some features like pinning places in advance, sharing location and comparing different transportation options are definitely something that we can’t travel without.

Not only that, Google has also recently showcased a new feature of Google Maps – the Augmented Reality Feature. It combines both Maps’ and Camera features to bring you to your destination in a much simpler way, without having to walk around to check whether the blue dot in the Map is moving in the right direction, as exhibited in the picture below.


Read more about the Augmented Reality feature here:

2. Taxi App


Talking about Maps, another type of app that has a map in it and commonly used while we’re abroad is ride-hailing apps. We no longer need to wait for taxis, be afraid that the taxi driver isn’t being honest and charge you slightly higher because he knows you’re a tourist. Or even worse, they might go to the wrong place and you had to pay for the extra kilometers!

However, there are different ride-hailing apps in different countries. For instance, in Asia there is Grab, while the Americas use Uber and Lfyt more, and Indonesia has Gojek, and the list goes on. Hence, make sure you download the right app for your destination.

Look for the right ride-hailing app for your next travel destination: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/uberlike-ride-hailing-apps-across-world-make-perfect-clone-india/

3. TripAdvisor


TripAdvisor is now one of the largest travel sites that allow us to look for reviews, recommendations, compare prices and make bookings. We’re now able to access so many genuine reviews from the travelers in this app.


No matter where your destination is, you’ll be able to know where the best places to visit are and what are the things to avoid. With all these reviews, it will save a lot more time, not having to ask people for recommendations. Now we’re able to walk around in a new city without any tour guides, unlike the old times when it might have been more difficult to explore.

4. Google Calendar


With all these technologies that we have now, we sometimes can’t avoid work even when we are travelling abroad.

Google Calendar is a really good reminder tool that keeps us informed even when we’re in a different time zone.

If there’s a conference call we need to jump on during our holiday, all we need to do is create an event in advance in the Google Calendar App and it will change according to the time zone in your current destination.

Hence, we will not need to crack our heads figuring out what time the conference call is when you’re in a country that is in a different time zone!

5. Flexiroam X


20 years ago, roaming was the only way for us to stay connected as there were no smartphones for us to communicate via instant messaging apps. Thus, getting a bill-shock after a short holiday was common. Back then, we would have to buy SIM cards in different countries to be able to stay connected to the internet to avoid huge roaming bills.

There is also sometimes the hassle of long queues and registration processes to obtain a SIM. Not to mention the added barrier of not being able to communicate in the local language.


Now, with the Flexiroam X microchip, there is no need for local SIMs. Simply stick the X microchip on top of your existing SIM card and get access to data in over 130 countries.


It is so easy that we can simply connect by switching the network from the Flexiroam X app. Global Data plans & Local Data plans are available in the app and can be purchased according to your need. It is definitely something worth using that will save time and money!

Are you a cabin crew or pilot? If you are, we have a good news for you! FLEXIROAM is giving away free Flexiroam X microchips to all aircrew members.

Redeem it now: https://sites.flexiroam.com/aviation

6. XE Currency


Having a currency conversion app in our phone is very useful when traveling to certain countries.

It allows you to check the live conversion rates of every currency, and even check it offline.

It gives you a better idea of how much you are paying for the clothes, food and tickets in that country, especially when you are dealing in currencies like Iranian Rial or Indonesian Rupiah, where their currency is in thousands or millions.

XE Currency is there to help when we’re confused with all the zeros.

7. Instagram & Facebook


In the olden times, we used to take a limited number of good photos with the film camera while traveling, and print every single photo out later.

Have you realized that this has changed since the boom of social media? We are uploading our pictures on Instagram or Facebook instantly once the pictures are taken while traveling, to show it to our friends and families.


And we’re able to upload our pictures easily and put them into different albums. It makes our life much easier and gives us  access to all our photo albums by opening one app!

8. Google Translate


Back then, when we had no smartphone, we had no choice but to communicate using body language if the locals could not speak English. Now, given the technology provided by Google, we can translate anything that we wish to communicate into any language we want!

Google translate helps us a lot in terms of communication and learning. We no longer need to ask anyone for some basic greetings of different languages, it’s now so easy to translate from Google and learn!


All these applications have made our life so much easier especially when we’re traveling! Now everyone can be their own tour guide as long as they have a smartphone in hand. So, make sure you have all these applications downloaded in your phone and use it on your next travel!