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The Ultimate Finland Travel Guide – Flexiroam Local Data

Background on Finland

Finland is a northern European nation that makes up 334,424km² of Europe. Its neighboring countries are Sweden, Norway, and Russia, and is considered as the eighth biggest country in the continent of Europe. It’s a country that has thousands of lakes and it has many more forests and waters compared to other countries in Europe.


Many tourists have a shared opinion of Finland being the best place to travel to in winter and might be one of the best places for skiing. Travelers visit the country to spot the Northern Lights since they are truly visible in the northernmost part of the country, which is called Lapland.

The Finnish culture is a mixture of influences from neighboring countries and tourists can see it when they visit their festivals and other celebrations.

What is Finland Popular for?


Finland is notorious for their superb winter activities and it’s the ideal place for watching the Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis. This country is also known for having a lot of saunas that are probably too many. It’s a running joke between the locals that there are probably enough saunas that each person in the country can stay in one. Finland has thousands of lakes and hundreds of lakeside cottages so tourists are able to relax and appreciate the fresh air Finland offers.

When is the Best Time to Visit? A Breakdown of Finland by Seasons



Winter in Finland is between the months of December and March and is the best time to gaze at the breathtaking Northern Lights. This is the most looked forward to the season for many tourists that want to experience activities that the country offers. Snowboarding and skiing are probably the most popular activities there.

For the full skiing package, Wild Hikes Finland offers “The Arctic Experience” which includes a remote guided one-week hut-to-hut skiing tour in the arctic fells located inside the Käsivarsi wilderness area in northern Finland. This grand experience also has some luxuries such as sleeping every night inside a hut and following well-marked trails.

You will be treated with the Scandinavian fells at their peak, spend most of your time above the treeline, enjoy delicious meals in the wilderness and visit the highest point of Finland in more than 1300 meters in 69°N!

Tour Link: https://www.wildhikesfinland.com/winter/halti-bc-ski-tour



Spring in Finland is during the months of April and May. This season gives a bit of a warmer temperature to the locals, but it also depends on which parts of the country these people are staying in.

In the northern part, they are still able to do some of the winter activities previously mentioned, whilst in the southern part, the temperature gets higher and higher. One of the great activities to do this time is bird watching since many birds are migrating back to the north during this season.



Summer lasts from June to August in Finland. Since the cold weather in this country is quite long, locals enjoy summer by going outside and basking in the sunlight. Visitors who come to Finland are able to explore the multiple tourist sites in the country while enjoying the heat from the sun. This is the best season to go swimming in and try out the cottage life in Finland. Stay near freshwater lakes and beaches that the country has to offer.

If you are interested in renting a cottage for your holiday, Finland Cottage Rentals offer handpicked cottages and log cabins in Finland and Finnish Lapland. You are able to book a cottage safely from a trusted booking agent and relish a carefree holiday.

Rent a holiday cottage: https://finlandcottagerentals.com/



Autumn is during the months of September to November, and it’s when the people in Finland are able to see color explosions in the forest landscapes of the country. This season is truly ideal for cycling and hiking since you can admire the gorgeous explosions of colors and maybe take some Instagram-worthy pictures.

Ways to Travel to Finland

Traveling by plane

The main entry point in Finland is the Helsinki to Vantaa international airport. Visitors are able to purchase affordable flight tickets from a few websites where they advised to book in advance for confirmed availability. Traveling from the US to Finland takes approximately 11.5 hours. Tourists are encouraged to read up on how to “survive” a long flight to lessen the fatigue and achieve the maximum comfort you are able to.

How to get cheap flight tickets:  https://www.prettywildworld.com/find-cheap-flights-everywhere-using-skyscanner/

Traveling by rail

Using the rail to go to Finland is a very convenient way of traveling. The trains that are headed towards the country are well kept and comfortable. Some trains provide mini carriages made specifically for children to play in to lessen fatigue. Travelers are able to take a journey from Russia to Helsinki through St. Petersburg. This might be an expensive way of going to Finland but the first train in the morning offers cheaper prices compared to the rest of the day.

Traveling by boat or ferries

Traveling by ferries is one of the better ways to go to Finland. This way, you can have a really nice view of the landscapes of the country since Finland is surrounded by amazing lakes. Traveling by sea is cheaper than traveling by rail in some cases. It’s super easy to get to Helsinki from Tallinn and Stockholm by cruise ships – so be sure to check those ports if you’re planning on traveling around Northern Europe.

Where to Stay in Finland?


Hotels in the province would probably cost around US$80 to US$140 per person per night while hotels in the city would range around US$100 and above.


Hotel: Omena Hotel Helsinki Lönnrotinkatu

Booking.com review: 7.5/10 based on 4755 reviews

Link: https://goo.gl/XhvxRk


Hotel: Kultahippu Hotel & Apartments

Booking.com review: 8.3/10 based on 969 reviews

Link: https://goo.gl/uE4zdo


Hotel: Aurora Village Ivalo

Booking.com review: 8.7/10 based on 158 reviews

Link: https://goo.gl/udGGo9

Must Try Food in Finland

Finnish cuisine is as simple as food can get but as they always say, the simple things in life are always best. You’ll see many seasonal dishes in many Finnish restaurants as they often find the best ingredients to serve their customers, hence expect a lot of fresh produce in summer, wholesome dishes in autumn, preserves in winter and vibrant ingredients in spring. Here are a few of the many foods you should try when you head to Finland.

Mustikkapiirakka or Blueberry Pie


A scrumptious pie that any visitors will fall in love with. Locals are known to use fresh ingredients so these pies are exclusively served in the summer months.

Perunarieska or Potato Flatbread


Bread that the main ingredient is mashed potatoes. It’s often eaten with butter on top.

Leipäjuusto or Bread Cheese


One of the most well known Finnish cheeses which are served with cloudberry jam or any other fresh jams. Made usually with cow’s milk but also made with goat’s milk.

Karjalanpiirakka or Rice Pies


Pies that are filled with potatoes, rice and often times carrots.

Kalakukko or Fish Pie


Bread that is filled with muikku, which is a small herring fish. The meal is already considered a whole meal because it has most of the nutrients you need in helping.

Kaalikäärlyleet or Cabbage Rolls


Beef, lamb or pork that’s wrapped with cabbage and seasoned with several spices. Not only popular in Finland but also well known in other European countries.

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