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5 Most Useful Websites to Travel Cheap in Europe

Traveling has become such a trend among millennials of this generation. Most of us are dying to travel the world, explore hidden cities, experience various cultures and meet diverse people.

Traveling, however, is seen as a luxury most people cannot afford, especially travelling around Europe.

If that has always been your concern, fret not! There are very useful websites to help you travel cheap in Europe that you may not know about.

Here are 5 most useful websites to travel cheap in Europe that we have put together (based on our experience):

1. Momondo 

Founded by Danish entrepreneur, Thorvald Stigsen, this website proved useful for searching for some of the cheapest flight deals. We have tried some equally useful websites like SkyScanner, Traveloka and Cheapflights. However, based on our experience, there are usually no flight deals as cheap as Momondo. Momondo is also very direct and easy to use. There is a mobile app for it too. Perhaps you could try out this website the next time you plan to travel somewhere!

2. GoEuro

This website may not be as useful if you plan to travel to Asian countries. However, this is by far the most useful website when traveling around Europe or the UK. GoEuro allows you to search for the fastest, cheapest and best travel options by train, bus or flight to any city in Europe! You can even find some good deals last minute to travel from one European city to another too for a reasonable price.

3. Bla Bla Car

Bla Bla Car is pretty much carpooling at a cheap rate. All you have to do is search for where you’re heading, the specific day and time, then pick a ride of your preference (type of car, who you are sharing the ride with, the sex of the driver, etc…). Once you’ve booked and paid for your seat, you’ll have the driver’s phone number to get in touch. For security purposes, you can always check the driver’s profile and review. If a driver cancels the ride, Bla Bla Car will also refund you accordingly based on their cancellation policy. Prices per ride can go as low as 5 Euros only!

4. Sandeman’s New Europe

If you’re one of those who absolutely HATE tours – the kinds that set a fix route for you or rush you through your tours when you try to take in good views and nice photos; then Sandeman’s New Europe tours are certainly for you! The best part about this? It’s entirely FREE. They work on a tips-based model, which means you get to choose to reward the tour guide only if the tour meets your expectation and satisfaction, and if you don’t like what you’ve experienced, you can just walk away and have the tour for free; OR if you’re simply too broke to reward good tours, you can always just thank them earnestly for their great tour.

Unlike the typical boring tours, Sandeman’s New Europe tours are always fun, innovative and exciting, with younger experienced tour guides to take you around! They usually last around 2 hours only, so they wouldn’t take up your entire day to explore the city yourself after the tour. There are paid tours or longer tours that you can choose from too!

5. Couchsurfing


Some of you may already know about this, some may not. Couchsurfing allows travelers worldwide to connect with one another by allowing anyone around the world to share their homes with strangers. It creates a social experience for those who want to meet new people and for those who want to save money, well….it’s FREE! You can stay with a local at their homes while traveling, and in return you can open your home to travelers too. Couchsurfing has made traveling truly a social experience, and you shouldn’t miss it too!


So here are some of the best websites that could help you travel around Europe with a cheaper budget!

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