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We hear you. Improvements are underway!

Dear FlexiRoamers,

Keep the feedback coming, we will work our magic to improve!

Yes, we hear you! And based on a compilation of feedback from our customers, we have listed some of the improvements to be implemented ASAP :

  1. Caller ID *Already Implemented* – As for caller id, we are officially able to provide the real caller ID of callers for Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia and Hong Kong. We’ll continue to work hard in this area and look forward to bring more good news to FlexiRoam customers!

  3. In-call notice before calls are disconnected on the 10th minute *Already Implemented* – There is a 10-minute limit on all FlexiRoam calls to ensure fair usage and superb call connection for all our users. From now on, there will be an in-call notification to all our customers(only you will hear it, not your caller) on the 9th minute to give you ample warning. Rest assured that you can continue receiving and making as many 10-minute calls as you want.

  5. Top-up reminder *Already Implemented* – Some of you may have already received an SMS on the 2nd last day of your travel. The reminder SMS is to inform you that the credit is sufficient for another day. We have amended the message to display the date of your last day.
  6. The message looks like this:

    Ur FlexiRoam balance is now LOW. 18/05/11(11:59pm Msia time) is the last day u can enjoy our rates. Pls topup online if u wish 2 extend. TQ

  7. Calculation of charges and days *Already Implemented* – Our R&D team are developing an easy online purchase system based on your departure and arrival date. All you have to do is to select your departure and arrival date just like purchasing your air ticket and we will do all the calculation for you. We hope this will resolve and avoid all confusion once and for all!

Stay tuned!