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Why ESIM will be the next big thing? – Flexiroam eSIM News


There has been a great deal of evolution in technology, health, marketing, business, and other industries. But for the SIM card’s conception, there hasn’t been a big deal for it.

This removable device gives our devices connectivity, and while the designs, performance, and size have been improved over the years, these tiny plastic cards still remain physical.

Up until now, that is.

A revolution is on its way for smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, and the like. The next generation of SIM card will be entirely different than our previous generation of sim cards.

eSIM can no longer be removed but is embedded straight into the device when it is assembled. Now the operator profile, which can be configured and downloaded from secure eSIM platforms, which enables flexible access to mobile network services.

The days of waiting between subscribing and receiving a SIM card will eventually be a thing of the past.

Will eSIM the next big thing in telecommunications?Yes. and Here is why.

  • Connectivity of new shared devices

Secondary devices such as laptops, tablets, computers and the like will eventually be fitted with eSIMs. These devices can be connected to the same mobile service as that of the user’s smartphone. Thus, the user can use their number and plan on multiple kinds of smart eSIM embedded devices.

The main aim of this is to facilitate connectivity of these new devices in a completely digitized manner. Multiple mobile operators’ profiles can be generated and securely downloaded and provisioned over the air onto an eSIM. Ultimately, connectivity will be the utmost importance in the future generation especially in the upcoming rise of the 5G network.  

  • Security, Encrypted

As consumers switch carriers but keep their devices, personal information of consumers needs to be securely maintained. Important security information such as user authentication, as well as encryption support, policy controls, data issues, and others.

The eSIM will be the gateway to any connected devices, so naturally, issues of security and privacy arise. However, GMSA has already responded to this problem. They have proposed the use of a unique key that will seek verification through a third-party server whenever someone requests a new profile. This is referred to as Subscription Management Data Protection (SM-DP+).

With this,  a device that attempts to download a new profile will trigger an SM-DP+ request, which will be confirmed by an operator. Then the provisioning process will proceed as normal, as the unique code could only have originated with the device in question.

Orange also has started questioning how to improve further on their security. They have ensured that there is no risk of any hacking or security issues. Similarly to Orange, every operator that introduces eSIM will have its own unique way of handling security rules and will be certified by GMSA in the future.

  • Roaming

Imagine there’s no need to manually insert your physical sim card now that we have an eSIM, and the software updating all the devices for you as you switch carriers. Imagine that when you touch down a new country, you can simply buy a local plan just from your device.

There’s no need to buy another sim card for whichever country you happen to be in which would then be used in either your device or in a secondary device and have unnecessary charges on them. With an eSIM in your device, you can host multiple SIM profiles,  get to keep your own number and you can download the profile you need even before you travel. Getting a new plan is as fast and simple as downloading an app. Easy peasy, right?

In addition, the main strength of an eSIM sim is the ability to streamline and amplify.

A thing that can be achieved even without the eSIM but will be a long process which involves certain multiple devices, numerous different SIMs, and the need to physically change the card. But with the eSIM, such process is easy, short and mostly stress-free.

The Future

Embedded eSIMs are the missing key in the Internet of Things(IoT) and as it becomes increasingly widespread, so will IoT enabled devices.

To enhance better on the strengths of IoT, smart devices need to be able to communicate continuously, without losing signal when they leave any WiFi zones. With an eSIM, this opens a variety of new options, offering the operator market wide open with enhanced IoT capabilities and much more.

We’re not talking in hypotheticals, the eSIM is already a reality. This provisional eSIM is the key to the future growth of the machine to machine market.



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