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Why eSIM will make a great addition to our tech-savvy generation?


Revolutions are transformative, unpredictable and full of possibilities.

With technology growing bigger and more important in our daily lives, our generation prioritizes more on convenience where they mostly want things to be done faster, without delay or having any interruptions in their daily activities. Soon, the SIM card we all knew today will gradually disappear and will be replaced by the embedded sim – eSIM.

The big question is why eSIM will make a big part of our tech-savvy generation?

First of all, eSIM will be great for secondary devices like laptops, watches, and tablets, where seamless connectivity is becoming the norm. This is especially great for those people who own many different kinds of smart devices and are up to date with these devices. End users will enjoy a seamless experience on more than one devices, knowing they are securely connected to global mobile networks.

No more untrustworthy connections.

The benefits of eSIM extend to security aspects as well where right now there have been many big talks lately about security issues. Some mobile operators have widely discussed how they could improve further on security and hacking when they start implementing eSIM.

Security standards on mobile networks are high when compared to public wifi networks such as in airports, hotels or cafés. As they are secure by default and will be equipped with embedded cryptography which will be certified by GSMA.

Moreover, it makes things convenient for them, especially for the old school people. An eSIM would make it possible for consumers to select a prepaid plan, choose, and switch providers in an instant.

Not only does it give consumers the freedom to switch providers at their choosing, but it also means that for postpaid customers at the end of their contracts, won’t need to wait for a new SIM card to arrive before they continue with their next plan, as it can be done from their own smart device.

Most of us love to travel whether its a business trip, leisure, or family trip and our trips require internet to stay connected. International roaming rates have always expensive, which requires most of us to choose from the following three options:

Either use the phone only on WiFi
Find a place to buy a local SIM upon arrival
Or use a service to get a SIM before our travel starts.

This process could change drastically and become a lot simpler because of eSIM.

In fact, this is one of the things that influenced the growth of technology. As the market goes to the next level, solutions will evolve as well and the products offered to consumers. A shift like this will require massive collaboration while physical SIM cards, however, are not expected to disappear from the market within the next few years.

It will be a feat that may cause temporary confusion, but hopefully will be beneficial in the long-term in terms of communication.



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