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Work from home with FLEXIROAM Partners Program

How many of you are guilty of Googling “Work From Home Jobs”? Raise your hands! Whether you’re a student looking for extra cash, a stay at home mom, or you know, anyone, working from home sounds really great.

Working in the comfort of your own home means that you can work in your pajamas, but you’ll still be earning money! But, we all have our concerns, right? Is it trustworthy or will it bring me profit? 

Fret not! FLEXIROAM has what you need and more. Introducing FLEXIROAM Partner Program that will help you skyrocket your pocket. 

As our partner, you will be getting recurring commission and other benefits as well! Wondering what you’ll be getting as a FLEXIROAM partner?


FLEXIROAM (ASX:FRX) is a global mobile virtual network provider that offers an affordable solution to current mobile roaming services. FLEXIROAM’s service is available in over 200 countries and has been helping international travelers since 2011. 

Trusted by over 100 travel industry partners, including major airlines and top travel agencies, FLEXIROAM has an undoubtedly great reputation in the international roaming marketplace.

Listed on ASX

ASX – Australian Securities Exchange. We are listed on ASX because we are an International Data Roaming Service Provider


450,000 subscribers spread across over 150 countries and growing

Technology Innovation

Partnered with more than 580 mobile networks providers worldwide

First eSIM Global Data Provider in the world!

International Partnership

Established over 100 partnerships including major international airlines 

Trusted by:

Industry Recognition

Major International Brands

Our Products

When it comes to products and services, FLEXIROAM is the winner. Why? FLEXIROAM offers our users and partners technology like never before.


FLEXIROAM X SIM is a 3-in-1 SIM card that supports most phones and works best for dual SIM phones. It has no expiry date and lasts for a lifetime.


Embedded SIM or eSIM is the latest and most popular product of FLEXIROAM. It’s a digital SIM – which means that it requires no additional delivery charges. It’s compatible for these phones.


FLEXIROAM X App has everything. From our Data Plans, to eWallet feature. Users can monitor their upcoming plans, transaction history, usage, and they can contact the support team via the App.

Available on iOS and Android


FLEXIROAM stands out among the roaming providers as we are here to give out amazing products and services. As a credible brand, we aim to fulfil our promises to the users and partners. 

Here are the reasons why we are different from others: 

1. Lifetime SIM
Easy 1 time setup, reuse forever. Hassle-free alternative for travellers instead of buying new SIMs every time you travel.

2. Easy sign-up
No Passport | ID required
Mobile | FB | WhatsApp | WeChat | Email Login

3. Best for transit
Seamless connectivity even with connecting flights. No more hassle of connecting to airport Wi-Fis.

4. Multiple Networks
Users are able to choose more than 1 network! FLEXIROAM keeps your phone on the best signal by choosing the strongest networks at your destination.

Navigate, control and choose from over 800 data packages. As good as having over 800 SIMs in 1 Platform. Data on-the-go, get data anywhere.

6. Booking Experience
Purchase your SIM card & data plans in advance just like booking your flight tickets & Accommodations.

7. FlexiStart
Start your plan ONLY when you need it! In other words, it’s a non-commitment data plans

8. FlexiShare
Easily share your data with our App! You can share data even if your friend is a thousand miles away.

Why should you become a FLEXIROAM Partner?

Now that you are familiar with what FLEXIROAM is and what we offer to our users and customers, it’s time for us to tell you why you should become a part of us. Apart from our great range of products and services, here are the reasons why being a FLEXIROAM Partner is the answer for your work from home adventure:

Business Model

  • 100MB Freemium Model
  • High ARPU: $64 
  • Distribution in 60 countries

High Profit Margin

  • Buy at Wholesale 
  • Resell up to 500% profit.

Recurring Commission

  • Earn Recurring Commissions of 5% to 20% each time your customers top-up their data.
  • Who doesn’t love staying at home and still gaining cash in your wallet?

Interested in becoming our partner? This is what you can do!

It is as simple as filling up this form right here, one of our team members will contact you!

For more information, visit FLEXIROAM’s Partners Page

Stay Safe, Stay Home, Stay Connected with FLEXIROAM

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