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Yellow Porter X Flexiroam

Yellow Porter, the platform that allows buyers to purchase their items internationally and have them shipped to their requested destinations at the lowest rates. So how do they get such good international shipping rate you asked? That’s because Yellow Porter does specific matching shipments to travelers (also know as “Porters”) who are heading towards the same direction, at any part in the world. So if you’re a traveler and want to earn some extra cash.. you know who to contact *wink wink* .

And that is exactly….. why we (Flexiroam) are in partnership with them. While they provide low shipment rates, we provide low roaming rates! And to celebrate this collaborations, we’re awarding  everyone in Yellow Porter  (either as a traveler, a customer , “Porters” and or soon to be “Porters”) to redeem 500MB of free data from now until 31st January 2017!  Because we too know that every traveler deserves 500MB data roaming ABSOLUTELY free! To redeem it, click here.

So if you’re thinking of buying or shipping in anything overseas (like the new nintendo NES or pre-ordering the latest FINAL FANTASY XV) delivered to your doorstep, think Yellow Porter and see if you can get a Porter-ed matched for you and get 50% off on international shipping fee! Don’t  forget to also claim a 500MB free data roaming from Flexiroam!

And if you’re traveler, it’s even better! Not only you get to be a Porter and earn some extra bucks, you can now save on some roaming charges with Flexiroam X; whether you’re making international roaming calls to check on your client’s purchase, delivery status or searching for the exact delivery location with Google maps; you won’t need to be frantically searching for internet connection to get them done!

In Flexiroam, we aim to change the way travelers roam today! And that’s why our deals just keep getting better.


For more information, visit Yellow Porter here and Flexiroam X  here.